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Changeling Creations


As a game based on dreams, myths, and faerie tales, Changeling: the Lost is incredibly inspiring.  You can look at nearly anything in our world and translate it, and that kind of variation keeps the game unpredictable and exciting.  And just when you think you've see it all, someone else will create something you haven't thought of.  The bits and bobs below might give your game that extra something. Everything here was created by me unless otherwise noted - and I always give due credit to submissions!

Please note: These offerings are based in 1st edition Changeling but can easily be adapted to 2nd edition rules. I have no plans to convert them and will not likely be playing the second edition, but if you do convert something here, feel free to share it with me and I will put it up with due credit to you.

Rhyme and Unreason

Contracts of Beg, Barter and Steal


Contracts of Just Pride

Contracts of Chirurgery


Contracts of Light

Contracts of Fascination


Contracts of the Machiavel

Contracts of Ganymede


Contracts of Melting Flesh and Twisting Bone

Contracts of Gay Pride


Contracts of Mirth and Laughter

Contracts of Ice and Snow


Contracts of Movements Unseen and Voices Unheard

Contracts of Illusion


Contracts of Music

Contracts of Ink



Contracts of Inspiration



Contracts of the Jealous Hoard






Noble & Eldritch Orders


Tangled Fates

The Thikana of Dreams
An entitlement that meets in dreams for the ultimate party.


A collection of new changeling flaws and all the troubles they cause.



A gathering of new merits for changeling characters.


Things of Legend


Storyteller Aids

Goblin Fruit and Oddments
New varieties of flora that you might encounter in the Hedge.


A Peter Pan Prelude
Notes for running a prelude (and perhaps more) in Neverland.

A collection of trifles to be found or bought in the past and present.


Freehold Worksheet
A worksheet for creating freeholds, and a sample freehold.

Belle's Mirror
A token that shows loved ones from afar, so long as they're on earth.


Goblin Fruit Guide
Extended rules for finding, harvesting, tending, and transplanting goblin fruit.

The Wayfarer's Pass
A token that granted Victorian travelers "free" passage on mass transit.


Goblin Market Prices & Costs
A reference to what things cost and what you can sell on the goblin market.


Oneiromancy Alterations
An extended reference for updating the oneiromancy and Skeinwalking rules.


From the Thorns


The Thousand Courts

A Hundred Cousins
A compendium of additional kiths, organized by seeming.


The Seasonal Courts
Variant Mantle benefits for each one of the seasonal courts.

Six Masks
A complete redesign of seeming blessings and curses.




The Worst of Times: An Addendum to Victorian Lost


Kismet's Review of Victorian Lost
My review of the book and the start of a new subsection of this site.


A Victorian Timeline
An account of discoveries and struggles during the life of the Queen.

Yellow Smoke: London Fog in the WoD
Examining the effects of the infamous smog on all and sundry and changelings.


Common Victorian Locations
Damnation City-style info for places frequented during Victoria's reign.

Damnation City for a Victorian Game
Which locations need to be removed or changed to fit the times.


Modified Skills for the Era
A review of skills that should change to reflect historical differences.

Thematic Kiths
A selection of kiths that rose to prominence in the nineteenth century.


Fairy Soap: A Trifle
A popular Victorian brand of soap could really make you feel light and fresh.

Imperials: An Oddment
An impressive wearable that flourished from the 18th century till the late 20th.


The Wayfarer's Pass
A token that granted Victorian travelers "free" passage on mass transit.


Twisted Tales

The Curious Case of Sidney Black
A character sheet and scene of a woman trying to come to grips with her son's abduction.


Morlan's Books & Curiosities: Whitlock
Another quirky day in the business of matching people and things.

Fetch Tales, Part I: An Afternoon at the Mall
An innocent bystander overhears a conversation between men who look like brothers, but definitely aren't.


Fetch Tales, Part 2: The Stories We Shouldn't Share
Roberta DuChamp's talent for writing just got a little bit Wyrd.

Fetch Tales, Part 3: Awakening
An evening walk doesn't turn out so well.


The Last Dance of Darling Nikki, Part I
An unexpected phone call sets a last dance in motion.


Submit Your Material

Ever since I started looking for Changeling: the Lost on the web, I have wanted to gather Changeling fan materials in one place.  I've found shiny things buried on message boards, where they're sometimes erased, and I've noticed some fun things scattered across different wikis.  I have some of my own materials above, but I would like to showcase the wonderful imaginations we have in the Changeling community. 

So, here's the deal.  You can send me your creations for Changeling: the Lost, and I will post them here along with whatever name, email link, or web site link you would like (provided those things are SFW).  I will never claim that I or anyone else made your work.  I do not make any money from this site, so your work will be available for free to whoever comes here.  If at any time you would like me to remove what you sent, just let me know.