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"Boy, was Spielberg ever wrong. Close Encounters my ass.”
- John Crichton, Farscape, "Premiere"

Once upon a time, an excellent television show called Farscape hit the air waves and blew people away with its creativity, its quality, and its loud, brutal, outrageous differences from other sci-fi shows. This television show, like many other shows, was made into a roleplaying game and published by AEG.

Not long afterwards, AEG put out another roleplaying book about yet another widely-watched sci-fi show: Stargate SG-1. This new book embraced as much of the Stargate universe as possible and fulfilled expectations in all of the ways that the Farscape book did not. Indeed, one could see the Farscape core book as something of a learning experience for AEG - and one must give credit where credit is due, because they learned much.

As a fan of both shows and of roleplaying, one day it occured to me that the shows were compatible in major ways and could be brought together for an awesome, expansive, and varied roleplaying experience. But how? Only through a good deal of footwork, balancing, tweaking, dedication, and feedback. Thus, I began the process of bridging and converting, and perhaps through this site I might get some helpful insight from you, the reader.

I was greatly impressed by the detail put into the Stargate core roleplaying book, and I always felt that it's far more complete than the Farscape core book and book provides more support for conversion efforts. Thus, I went about converting Farscape materials to the Stargate d20 system and format. I also incorporated psionics into the conversion to account for many of the powers presented in Farscape that aren't magical as much as they are applications of spirit and will.

All of the StarScape pages have the navigation bar you see below. Whenever I mention StarScape, I'm talking about the blend of Farscape and Stargate that I've created on this site.