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"Okay. Everyone who thinks this is absolutely an insane idea, raise your hand. Come on,be honest."
Jack O'Neill, Stargate SG-1, "Fallen"

The missions presented below are detailed stories. They contain plots, situations, plot hooks, NPCs, motivations, and so on. They also contain guidelines about relative difficulty. Full statistics for NPCs and enemies are not provided for two reasons. The first and most important reason is that using the material provided, DMs can tailor the encounters for groups of any level. This makes the missions more flexible in the end, and hopefully more accessible. The second reason is that full statistics are not always needed to complete the missions.

You are free to read and to download the missions. You are also free to alter them for your games as much as you wish, and to run them for your groups. You are not free to repost the missions without my permission, and you are not free to claim that they were entirely your idea. I do hope that someone finds them useful, and if you do run one of them I would love to hear how it went.


On P71-598, a near human race that calls itself The Verus lives in peace.They work farms, dress in the same style, and share all that they make. But there's more than meets the eye going on in their society; something that will definitely be of concern to the SGC. This mission includes the statistics for a near human race as well as a new creature.

[Copper Age Technological Development; Latin language base; best suited for Diplomatic or Exploration teams]


On PX1-947, a weary mining colony offers what hospitality it can spare to interstellar visitors. They are almost done with their long shift, but even the miners do not know how long their shift has really been. If the team isn't careful, they'll stumble right into a secret and not be able to remember it the next day.

[Copper to Bronze Age Technological Development]


An advanced team is pinned down off-world and the player characters are sent in to rescue them, but they face more than they bargained for. In the midst of such a common battle the team will run across a dim chapter in Earth's history and a powerful race that might be willing to befriend humanity once again. This mission includes description of a new NPC race, with information on history and culture. There is also a system to inject a little magic into the Stargate universe.

[Sanskrit language base; best suited for Diplomatic, Search and Rescue or Exploration teams]


An old soldier is appointed to the command staff of the SGC and strange things begin to happen to him - and then to everyone else on the base. Can the player characters figure out what is going on and put a stop to it, or will they remain on lockdown at the SGC until Daniel Jackson and Sam Carter figure out what to do?

[A light-hearted episode for fun or for comic relief; best suited for teams with at least one diplomatic character and one science-based character]


On P53-261, the gate opens onto a coastal city full of fair and healthy people, once taken from Earth by the System Lord Cronus. Without their god they have grown into a fine civilization, and their elders veritably glow with health - but that glow has a price.

[Iron Age Technological Development; Ancient Greek language base; best suited for Diplomatic or Exploration teams]