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Neszul by ArtemisMorgan

"Neszul" by ArtemisMorgan (resized) used with permission


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You can quickly create NPCs for your Forgotten Realms game with my Thayan NPC Generator. It includes my Thayan name generator and the noble houses I created and wrote about here. It determines age, race, class, alignment, and level. The generator also covers personality traits (strength and flaw), reputation, disposition, wealth, hobby, and an extra language they speak, besides common. It ends with the primary deity the NPC worships, a recent event in their life, and something they desire.

Here are some other things you should know:

First, you'll have to decide if you want the character to be a commoner or noble Thayan. The generator will provide an everyday surname if you want a commoner and a noble house name, if you'd prefer a noble. The noble houses in question are the ones on my site.

The generator is weighted to produce more young and mature adults than other age groups and does not include minors. If you wish to generate NPCs who are younger, you can add teen, pre-teen, or child categories yourself, but the generator is not optimized for them. You may see results that aren't appropriate; feel free to ignore or remove them from the lists. (Or, if you'd like a generator optimized for younger NPCs, let me know and I'll make one.)

Because the generator is relatively simple, it may generate conflicting results, such as a character whose alignment isn't supported by their patron deity. You can ignore whatever doesn't work, choose another result (which is easy to do if you generate multiple sets at once), or come up with something that works better yourself. For these reasons, this generator is also best used for NPCs.

If you need to create a character who's enslaved, you should use my slave NPC generator.

These generators are based on what's established on this site and my own sensibilities, but if you don't like something, you can alter the generator all you want. And you can get them all at the click of a button!

Here's what the generator results look like:

Preview of the Thayan NPC Generator


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