kismet's world of darkness title


New World of Darkness Fiction

Useful Things by: Kismet Rose
The Last Dance of Darling Nikki, Part I by: Kismet Rose
Fetch Tales, Part 3: Awakening by: Kismet Rose
Fetch Tales, Part 2: The Stories We Shouldn't Share by: Kismet Rose
Fetch Tales, Part 1: An Afternoon at the Mall by: Kismet Rose
The Curious Case of Sidney Black by: Kismet Rose
Morlan's Books & Curiosities: Whitlock by: Kismet Rose

Old World of Darkness Fiction

The Prince's Wake by: Kismet Rose
Gangrel: About the Clan of the Beast by: Pavel Sergeyev
And It Was Good by: Belladonna
And It Was Good Part II by: Belladonna
Street Gang Encounter by: Brandon/Arturo
Blood of a Toreador by: LadyChrys
Clan Lasombra's Court of Blood by: Don Lara
Downpour by: Bolthra
Christina: Searching for Jason by: Cathy McQuillin
Christina: Searching for Jason Part II by: Cathy McQuillin
Reclaiming: Brenda's Story by: Helen Griffus
Reclaiming: Brenda's Story Part II by: Helen Griffus
And you call me Mad by: Helix
Slow Burn by: Don Lara
Slow Burn Part II by: Don Lara
Sacred Mirror by: Annie Grace
Sacred Mirror Part II by: Annie Grace
Christina: Searching for Jason Continued by: Cathy McQuillin
Christina: Searching for Jason Con't Part II by: Cathy McQuillin




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