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Clan Lasombra's Court of Blood

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by: Don Lara for Sanguinus Curae

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Petition of Reclamation

Transcript #3007 2-5
Re: Petition of Reclamation, as submitted by Bishop Alistair Hawthorne.
Speakers noted first by name or title, then initials from there on.
Transcript begins:

Lead Magistrate (from the 'Judges' bench): (pounds gavel) We shall have order. This session of the Court of Blood has been called by one Bishop Alistair Hawthorne, concerning the activities and alleged indiscretions of one Victor Pittaluga, with the intention of gaining permission to reclaim Pittaluga's blood for the Clan. We of Les Amies Noir, gathered here, now grant the floor to Bishop Hawthorne. Proceed with your evidence.

Alistair Hawthorne (standing at center within the small auditorium): Thank you, your Excellency. Fellow Lasombra, I come to you this night bearing ill tidings concerning one of our own. Were this not of the utmost concern to me-

LM: (taps gavel) Dispense with the dramatics, Bishop Hawthorne. Our time may be indefinite, but regardless, we do not appreciate it being wasted.

AH: Erm...yes, of course, your Excellency. (Clears throat) Victor Pittaluga is a neonate of our Clan, from what I can determine. He entered the city in which I am a Bishop some 2 years ago. Over that time, I have come to observe from him the following actions and activities, with which I possess evidence to submit as proof thereof:

Firstly, plotting the assassination and replacement of the city's Archbishop outside the tradition of Monomacy. I submit to the Court a tape of secret recordings made during one of the planning sessions between Pittaluga and his associates. I also have a sworn statement from a respected fellow Bishop of my city, concerning the interrogation of one of Pittaluga's co-conspirators. (Hands up a small audiocassette and file-folder to the Lead Magistrate)

LM: So noted. Proceed.

AH: Secondly, from that same session of interrogation, it was revealed that the aforementioned co-conspirator of Mr. Pittaluga's, a Brujah Antitribu, somehow possessed our distinguished Clan's talent for manipulation of the Abyss. I have this video, taken at the time of the interrogation, which I offer as proof. (Hands video up to the Lead Magistrate)

LM: So noted.

AH: Upon further questioning, the Brujah confessed that it was Victor Pittaluga that educated him in this ability, for no other reason except 'he felt like it.'


For these violations of Clan ethic and tradition, I hereby petition the Court of Blood that I may be allowed to both hunt down, and reclaim the blood of, Victor Pittaluga for the good of our illustrious Clan. Thus presented, I await your decision.

(5 seconds of silence)

LM: And 'that' is the totality of your case, Bishop Hawthorne?

AH: Ah...well...yes, your Excellency. I believe that I have shown beyond a reas-

LM: (taps gavel) What you believe is of no consequence, Bishop Hawthorne. Are there any questions from our esteemed panel for Bishop Hawthorne?

Magistrate 1: Do tell, Bishop Hawthorne: Did Pittaluga and his cohorts ever carry out their plans upon the Archbishop?

AH: No, Monsignor, they did not. Upon discovering their plan, I notified the Archbishop immediately. From what I gather, the Archbishop dealt with the threat.

M1: I see...I see. Well, would it surprise you then, Bishop Hawthorne, to learn that your Archbishop led his own, private investigation into the matter, and found no cause to take action?

AH: Er...(clears throat) I suppose it would not 'surprise' me; the Archbishop has little to fear from assassins. But I submit that despite the result, it is the 'intent' which must concern the Court in this matter.

M1: (nods) Thank you Bishop Hawthorne.

Magistrate 5: What was the relationship between the Brujah and Mr. Pittaluga, aside from their 'conspiratorial' activities?

AH: I believe they were packmates, your Excellency.

M5: And, exactly how 'well' had this Brujah mastered his control of shadow, might I ask?

AH: Not beyond the most basic skills, it would seem.

M5: So, it is not possible that Mr. Pittaluga educated his fellow packmate in some slight levels of shadow manipulation, simply in the spirit of Pack Brotherhood?

AH: Well, it is possible, but I submit-

M5: Thank you, Bishop Hawthorne.

(10 seconds of silence)

LM: If there are no further queries of Bishop Hawthorne? Very well. We shall now vote.

(The lead Magistrate gazes down at the small podium in front of him, observing the votes manifested before him with shadows by the various members present)

LM: Bishop Alistair Hawthorne, it is the unanimous decision of this Court that you have 'failed' to prove your case for reclamation against Victor Pittaluga. Your petition for reclamation is hereby denied. And might I add, 'Bishop' Hawthorne, that the next time you decide to bring a petition before this most honorable gathering, you do so with something more than flimsy supposition and 'whining.'

(Slight pause)

After this display of incompetence on your part, I would have words with your Archbishop about the wisdom of allowing you to maintain such a vital position as Bishop within his city.

This court is adjourned.

(Bangs gavel)

*****End transcript


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