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Street Gang Encounter

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by: Brandon/Arturo for Sanguinus Curae

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Arturo, Carmine, and Lalita walked into the alley. A Nosferatu independent gang had agreed to meet the elder vampires. Arturo grasped the hilt of his sword. Carmine tensed to call upon her inner beast. She was a Gangrel. Lalita ran a hand through her pink hair. She was the leader of a Brujah gang.

So the three entered the alley in downtown Chicago. Four Nosferatu emerged from the sewer behind them. Arturo spun around as Carmine's teeth lengthened and her nails became longer and sharper. Lalita smelled blood. She hadn't fed in a while and was in danger of blood rage. Arturo placed a hand on his lover's shoulder. Lalita smiled at him. Her left eye twitched.

The Nosferatu spoke Spanish in front of them. They launched themselves at the three.

Arturo swung up with his sword as Carmine leapt up and clawed the largest Nosferatu in the face. He was no longer recognizable as he hit the ground, his face a mass of blood and oozing brains. Carmine's nails were sharper than expected.

Lalita could no longer hold the blood rage down. She leapt at the dying Nosferatu and pulled him up by his hair. He screamed.

'Listen, punk' Lalita enjoyed playing with her victims. 'I may be of the Camarilla, but Arturo has managed to get pardons several times for me. And when the Prince says no, the other elders usually find her body in a gutter somewhere. I'm going to enjoy drinking from someone who kills for fun.' Lalita drank so fast and so deeply that the Nosferatu was soon dead.

Arturo impaled one and caused him to fall into the sewer. Arturo heard the crack as the Nosferatu's skull impaled on the ground deep below.

All three were splattered with blood. Carmine had single handedly ripped the hearts out of the other two. The first to fall and Lalita's special treat was paler than vampires usually were. Her stomach bulged a little. She blushed. 'Sorry. I'm still not comfortable with feeding' Arturo smiled and kissed her on the lips.

Police sirens sounded. Someone heard the screams. Quickly, the three left.

The following night, Arturo got his hands on a newspaper. He smiled when he saw the headline:

Street gang has shoot out-one member drained of blood.

He chuckled and continued to wonder at the mortals' lack of imagination.


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