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Combination Discipline Power: Glimpse into the Past

by: Don Lara A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Temporis 6, Auspex 5

Tabletop cost: 18 experience points
MET cost: 9 experience points

Those who posses the ability to manipulate and shift the passing of time itself can extend their supernatural senses into the recent past, observing glimpses of what has taken place before.


Player spends a Willpower point, and rolls Perception + Investigation. Base difficulty is 7, but the Storyteller may wish to judge the difficulty based on how far back into the past the player wishes to glimpse. Three successes are required for this power to work, allowing the character to view up to three minutes of events that took place during the desired time. Each additional success adds on 1 minute to the total time of the glimpse.
Example: Rodney is standing in an apartment, which was the site of a murder some 5 years ago. He rolls Perception + Investigation, and gets 6, 7, 5, 9, 8, 2. Knowing the approximate time of the killing from newspaper reports, he chooses to gaze back at the appropriate time frame. From his successes, he has a total of 4 minutes in which he may view the events that took place -within his line of sight- in the apartment. He may freely move around and even follow the 'ghosts' of the people or things he witnesses, but only for a limit of 4 minutes.
The side effect of this power is that the Vampire using it is, for all intents and purposes, 'lost' in the replay of events. Though he does not physically go anywhere, the current time around him essentially melts away and is replaced by the past he is watching. In addition, he becomes oblivious to people and events transpiring around him in 'real' time as he sees, hears, and even smells what was going on in the chosen time frame. Should he be physically harmed or jostled in any significant way during his glimpse, he immediately snaps out of his trance as he loses concentration.
The 'ghosts,' and anything that might be seen in the previous time, are intangible and cannot be interacted with in any capacity except for observation.

Player spends a Willpower point and then makes a Static Mental Challenge, the difficulty of which should be determined by the storyteller, but the base challenge is made against 7 traits.
On a Win from the initial challenge: 5 minutes may be observed.
On a resolved win from a Tie on the initial challenge: 2 minutes may be observed.
The limitations of this power remain the same as in the tabletop rules, described above.

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