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Combination Discipline Power: The Beast in Mind

by: Don Lara A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Animalism 2, Auspex 4

Tabletop cost: 9 experience points
MET cost: 6 experience points

With his mastery of mental control, and talent for communicating with animals, a Vampire can now exert his Will upon the beasts of the field without having to make a sound. By broadcasting his powers through his mind, rather than his mouth, the Vampire can thus ensure stealth, and concealment his ability to those within earshot.

Tabletop and MET:
The rules for 'Feral Whispers' remain unchanged when using this power; it merely subtracts the need to make your commands in 'animal-speak' audible.
However, to use 'The Beckoning,' a player is limited in mentally calling only those creatures that would be within normal earshot of the character, if he were to verbalize his call. 'Earshot' is, of course, at the storyteller's discretion. To send his mental call further than normal, however, the difficulty should be increased accordingly (a higher difficulty in tabletop; a higher number of traits to test against for MET), and perhaps call for the expenditure of a Willpower trait.

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