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Valeren: Sanguine Flame

by: Sol Rael A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Valeren Level 7 Variant

Hannibal stalked toward Donovan, sword in hand. 'Come here you filthy, blood stealing, Tremere.' Hannibal said, his voice betraying the beast he barely restrained. 'Burn, you clanless piece of undead crap.' Donovan said as a gout of flame jumped from his hands. He began to laugh 'Get me now you putz.' Then he saw movement in the roiling inferno. Hannibal leapt from the pyre, his body unscathed by the heat. Donovan never had a chance to blink before the beast pulled his head off and fed.

The Salubri is granted immunity to one of his greatest weaknesses, fire. His blood becomes so hot with righteous fury and thirst for vengeance that he is no longer effected by the flame's touch. The blood becomes searing hot, actually igniting those flammable substances it touches. The boiling rage costs the Salubri his ability to withstand the beast. While like this, the third eye glows infernally red and weeps the searing blood.

System: Pay four blood points. For the following 24 hours, the Salubri Antitribu takes no damage from fire, electricity, and temperature extremes, natural or otherwise. Anything coming in contact with the Salubri's blood during that time takes two dice of aggravated damage for each blood point it touches. All difficulties to resist frenzy are increased by three.

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