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Obtenebration: Shadow Armor

by: Don Lara A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Shadow Armor: Obtenebration 6
Master Level Obtenebration Variant

Through years of experimentation and concentration it has become able for me to combine such talents as 'Tenebrous Form' and 'Arms of the Abyss' into a defensive hybrid.
By essentially encasing oneself in a form-fitting expansion of ones 'Arms', the semi-tangible nature of our shadows can be used as an additional line of defense in combat.
Alas, such a discipline does not hold any protection from our natural banes of fire and sunlight, but it was rather gratifying to see that young Brujah whelp gape upon my blackened visage as his machine gun produced no effect upon me. It was even more gratifying as I sent one of my 'Arms' to snap his pathetic neck, freezing that look on his face as I staked him and carried him back to my Tzimisce packmate for...experimentation.
-Don Nilijandro Lara
Archbishop of Bellingham

Tabletop Rules:

Player spends three blood points and makes a straight Manipulation + Occult roll (difficulty 7). One success adds an additional soak die to the players pool for soaking damage as long as Shadow Armor is in effect. Every two successes in addition to the first adds an additional die to the soak pool.

For example: Bill rolls 8, 7, 7, 2, 3 on his Shadow Armor roll. The 8 alone gives him an extra soak die; the two 7's give him one additional die. This power when used in concert with Fortitude can make a very resilient character. However, Shadow Armor offers no benefit to attempting to soak either fire or sun damage.

Characters with the Armor on can still use mental disciplines, as long as they do not require eye or skin contact, since Shadow Armor restricts both. Also, once Shadow Armor is enacted, the character is essentially 'cut-off' from pulling things out of his clothing, as he has 'sealed' himself in shadow. But the Armor does not restrict movement; character continues to possess a full range of bodily movement.

Character also adds three dice to his Intimidation pool, as the sight of such a thing strikes a certain level of fear in witnesses.

Minds Eye Theatre Rules:

Player must spend one round in concentration, three blood traits, and a social trait to enact Shadow Armor. The Armor grants 4 additional temporary health levels, and can be increased by one health level if the character imbues the Armor with at least Fortitude 2.

Player is also up 2 traits on any Intimidation challenges. However, the Armor's gifts are negated if attempting to protect against fire or sunlight damage. Armor last for the scene or an hour, but can be dispelled at anytime therein.

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