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Description: The Assamites are known as a clan of assassins largely based in the Middle East; most members are of Middle Eastern descent, though in recent centuries Westerners and women have been allowed into the ranks on a more regular basis. For ages, the Assamites hunted vampires from other clans, bathing in their blood and power. A few hundred years ago, the other clans attacked the Assamites until most of them agreed to submit to a special curse: vampire blood would become poisonous in Assamite mouths. A greater portion of the clan submitted (and later on found a way around the restriction); those that didn't left to join the Sabbat.

The Assamite clan is close knit in that they don't trust outsiders and they all spend several years as ghouls training in the clan stronghold. If they fail, they become food. If they succeed, they are Embraced into the clan. Thus, Assamites tend to be very highly skilled at what they do - but not all of them are warriors outright. This clan also has a selection of vampires skilled in blood magic; if not for these sorcerers, the cursed Assamites would never have been able to lower their generation again.

Allegiances: The Assamites are considered an independent clan because they did not pledge themselves to the Camarilla or to the Sabbat; most Assamites serve their clan to the exclusion of other sects. Some Assamite Antitribu can be found in the Sabbat, and a few of these are also members of the True Black Hand. The Assamite that walks on their own, without any allegiance to sect or clan, is truly rare and probably quite powerful.

Founder: The Assamite Antediluvian is often referred to as Haqim and he is known to be male. Since the skin of all Assamites grows darker with age, it can only be assumed that he is darker than just about anyone else. There have been no verified sightings of Haqim in recent centuries but this is not at all surprising, seeing as how he is a true master of stealth.

Weakness: Since the Tremere curse, most Assamites are actually damaged by drinking Kindred vitae. The clan also has a tradition whereby childer give a tithe of blood to their sires.

The Sabbat Assamites have to make an Instincts roll whenever they drink Kindred blood; if they fail, the next time they get near Kindred vitae they have to make another roll. If they fail that roll, they go into a blood-guzzling frenzy and after that, they have an ongoing thirst for Kindred blood. The book does not specify how long this desire lasts, which means that it's left up to the Storyteller's discretion.

Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Quietus


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