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Salubri Merits and Flaws

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by: Benedira & Belladonna for Sanguinus Curae

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Warrior's Heart (3 pt merit)

The blood of the Salubri's warrior ancestors runs true in her veins, and she draws inner strength from remembered tales of their bravery. Once per night she may ignore a botched Courage roll.

Sight Beyond Sight (3 pt merit)

When the Salubri's third eye is open and not otherwise in use (i.e. practicing Obeah), she sometimes sees visions. These visions may be anything from a glimpse of the future to a scene from the past to an allegory meant to serve as a warning. No one is sure where these visions come from, but often find them useful. (Note for storytellers: The details and frequency of visions are left to the storyteller's discretion.)

Beneficial Ancestry (4 pt merit)

The spirits of the Salubri's ancestors live within her, and she can sometimes seek their wisdom. A Stamina + Meditation roll (difficulty 7) determines how successful the Salubri is in consulting her ancestors. For each success, one 'answer' is obtained. Failure indicates nothing is learned.


Fused Lid (1 pt flaw)

The lid of the Salubri's third eye is damaged; it is fused shut. Anytime she must use her third eye - to practice Obeah or otherwise - she automatically takes one health level of lethal damage as it is torn open. This can be healed normally.

Stained Aura (2 pt flaw)

The evidence of the Salubri's sire's demise will never fade; her aura is forever marked with the black veins of a diablerist. While other diablerists' telltale marks fade, hers remain as strong and visible as the night she acquired them.

Unpredictable Eye (3 pt flaw)

The Salubri's third eye seems to have a mind of its own, and it often opens of its own accord. This can be extremely disconcerting to onlookers and has the potential to reveal the Salubri for what she is. The Storyteller makes a willpower roll, difficulty 8, on behalf of the Salubri once per night. Success indicates that the Salubri's will is strong enough to keep the eye closed. A failure or botch indicates that they eye opens immediately and remains open for an entire scene.

Saulot's Geas (4 pt flaw)

The Salubri is driven to continue her progenitor's work in hunting down and slaying infernal kindred. While she may be able to ignore this geas for a few nights to pursue other things, she always finds herself back on the quest as soon as possible. When presented with evidence - or even rumor - of infernal activity, the Salubri must succeed on a willpower roll (difficulty 8) or drop everything to pursue it.

Uncontrollable Ancestry (4 pt flaw)

The voice of the Salubri's sire, her sire's sire, and all her ancestors back to the beginning ring in her ears. Though they attempt to guide her, the competing cacophony of voices is maddening. All rolls requiring concentration are made at a +3 difficulty, as the din of voices distracts the Salubri. In particularly heated or emotional situations, the player must succeed on a Willpower roll (difficulty 7) or take on a temporary derangement. Characters with this flaw may not take the Concentration merit.

Incapable of Violence (5 pt flaw)

A crippling extension of her clan flaw, the Salubri cannot knowingly engage in violence of any kind - not even to defend herself or save someone else.
Prepare for a very short unlife.

Renegade (5 pt flaw)

The renegade's Salubri sire has chosen to diverge from the strict tenets of the Healers, and has embraced a childe without requiring the childe to diablerize her sire. The renegade may be a first, second, or third generation aberration - meaning that they may be of 9th, 10th, or 11th generation, rather than the prerequisite 8th. A renegade is at constant risk from other members of her own clan, who will likely see her as an abomination to Saulot's law and wish to see her destroyed - once she has been 'questioned' and the whereabouts of her villainous sire confirmed.


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