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Gangrel Antitribu: A View from Within

Welcome to our city. Your clan? Gangrel? Which line are you from? Yes there is more than one. Alright. Sit. Thank you. I can tell you are new at this. You still look human. Still smell human as well. We can fix that. We will fix that.

First off, there are Gangrel. Most of them left our enemies, the Camarilla. Unfortunately however, they didn't for the most part, join us. They at least stayed independent. As long as they are not in our way, I don't have a problem with them. They have what they consider the standard powers of the Gangrel clan. The animalism power of speaking to animals, Fortitude, the whole 'I'm tougher than you.' power, and of course, Protean, which is of course, our trademark. Good to see you know that much at least.

Now, welcome to the Sabbat. We are lucky enough to have two different kinds of Gangrel here. We have Country Gangrel, which is basically the standard Gangrel, though they believe in our ways, none of this 'I'm not human, but I'm gonna act like it.' BS.

Then there is my half of things. The City Gangrel. That's right. I'm Gangrel, or rather City Gangrel. No, I don't claim to be an Antitribu. We are only in the Sabbat, few have ever tried to leave, the few that were foolish enough, didn't get far. Heh. I have yet to be able to fit us into one stereotype. Ok, well, think the ultimate urban predator. That would fit most of us. The Country Gangrel get along fine in the woods (at least as long as they stay out of the way of the werewolves), but we are most at home here in the city. Past that, few things that apply to one, apply to all.

Most of us tend to stick with clothes that hold up well in a scrap, and believe me, we can scrap. We can get to be as fast as the Brujah hotheads. We also can are very stealthy. The whole now you see me, now you don't. Yes, we can do that too. We do of course still have the claws for which we are so feared. The ground can still hold us tight durning the day. Many times City Gangrel don't end up as wolves. I've seen some odd things in my time. Raccoons, mutts, alley cats, crows, pigeons, all sorts of stuff.

Me? You're bold to ask, but we could use more Cainites with guts. I guess I spent too much time at the zoo. I ended up as a tiger. Believe me, it shows. Hm? I know I look normal, at least at the moment. I can tell by the shocked look on your face you that weren't expecting that. While, yes, if I had to worry about the temperature the fur would keep me warm, and the tail is rather good for balance. The claws tend to be useful when I need to climb, and rip our enemies to shreds. Don't shudder.I do what needs to be done.

So will you.

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