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Giovanni: A View from Their Progenitors

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by: Carnak Bantinelli for Sanguinus Curae

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Scum. Treacherous, deceitful, incestuous, necromantic scum. That is how I can best describe this Clan of diablerist fiends. They hide behind secrecy and power now, both granted by the blood of my sire and brethren flowing in their wretched veins. But as it is, as much my blood as it is theirs—and my claim is infinitely older—I know their secrets and impart them to you this night, so you too may know...

Once, they were nothing but a group of necromancers. They annoyed the dead, who cared little for it, and the Giovanni with any level of capability in their annoyance were promptly killed by these errant souls. But great father Cappadocious saw something in their necromantic rites, something that would further our Clan's knowledge of death, and chose to embrace one, one named Augustus. To those of you who know this name, you will realize it is that of an Antediluvian. But this was not always the case, not until the night Augustus attacked Cappadocius in his haven, ripped the soul from his form, and attained his frightening power.

Similar to the Tremere and the Salubri—though that is a story for another time—they attempted to purge their progenitors. Many of mine were destroyed, but we are a Clan of Death and we refused to let these wretches defeat us. Some fled in the mortal lands, some to the Shadowlands, still others used our discipline to hide from the beasts. While we waited in exile, biding our time on both sides of the shroud, they became accepted as the true Clan of Death. But a reckoning has begun, and the vengeful will get their due.

They use ghouls more so than we used even the zombu we were adept at creating. That is one shortcoming we have capitalized on. Go ahead, if you feel the need, tell them that their ghouls have betrayed them to their betters, it matters little, for they will be unable to tell who is ours and who is theirs.

They have money. They can buy and sell entire countries if they so choose. Yet another flaw easily exploited. Money gives to greed, and greed rarely gives time to spending of funds. If Guido had had more guards... maybe it wouldn't have been able to kill him so quickly. Maybe.

They can control the spirits of the dead. Fat lot of good that does them when the army of zombu that assails them is nothing more than animated corpses. But don’t forget the fact that not only do we have allies amongst the dead, we also know how to travel to and from the land of the dead.

Simply put, there is little to fear from a clan composed of inbred, greedy, ignorant scum. Just beware not to stand too close them at any given time. When I destroy them, I would hate to kill you, as well.


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