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The Basatu

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by: James Darque

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archived article from Sanguinus Curae


"Somewhere in Ancient Egypt it is said to have slept. Somewhere in Egypt it is said to have hid. Somewhere, it awoke." - Alicia Kretzu, Ventrue Elder It is said that the Basatu came from a bastardized childe of Hardestadt; his choice of embracing men over women. The time was appropriate, men feared the control women could grasp so easily.

But Hardestadt (as the rumor goes) did Embrace, and he chose her.

Basat is rumored to have been a small slave girl in the temples of Egypt when Hardestadt found her, but it is all speculation. The place to begin should be with Basat's journey to the Americas.

Basat arrived in America around 1701, along with several sired children. They had walked across the Bering Strait and ventured down into what would later be known as Seattle. It was here that Basat began her sermons against Hardestadt.

She preached of Hardestadt, then men in general, and of the injustices inflicted upon women. Her small family soon spread its message, adopting other vampires and making ghouls to fuel the war upon Hardestadt and his Ventrue. They attempted a siege on a Ventrue elder and perished.

Only Basatu and her two original childer survived. And they crawled under the earth to sleep to wait for a better day to destroy Hardestat. Only recently has their name been heard."

Nickname: Harlots (in these modern nights, Dykes)

Quote: "Knights? Kings? I have to brush up on my biology... What color was the frog prince's blood?"


If seen at all, Basatu look like snot nosed punks. But that's just the young ones. They have adopted styles by 'rebel' cultures: biker leathers, off-color hair, goth makeup, or gang colors. The elder Basatu, however, have become somewhat stuck in the Ancient Egyptian dress of old. Some look quite strikingly regal. And as their weakness demands, not one Basatu has surfaced male.


Basatu make their haven wherever possible, but prefer to be deep underground. Some believe it was all that time spent in catacombs centuries ago. They also prefer havens related to death - morgues, mausoleums, and such.


It is yet unheard of for the Basatu to have ever embraced males. All Basatu are thereby female. Usually herded from princessly stock, these modern nights have given way to nearly any fitting candidate. Scholars, students, musicians; any woman who has the potential to further the line of Basat.

Character Creation

Basatu have violent or rebellious concepts (though priestly and directorial are among them), and they often possess individualistic Natures. Physical Attributes, Talents, and Skills are the most popular among the Basatu, and few have much in the way of Backgrounds. Basatu still claim Humanity, but a few older vampires of this line sometimes adopt a Path of Enlightenment, most notable is the Path of Cathari and the Path of Lilith.

Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence


Basatu suffer from a variation of tastes as their 'brothers' in Ventrue: they cannot feed from males of any species, including vampires. The Basatu will avoid feeding from males at all costs, as the blood taken from them is useless and eventually regurgitated.


Because of their small number, Basatu rarely meet for any matter of political or otherwise distracting discussions. It is rumored, however, that the eldest of their clan calls her childer to her to speak of the heresy of Hardestadt. But it has never been proven.


Camarilla: As long as they keep the fur (Lupines) off of us, they can be tolerated.

Sabbat: Unruly? Yes. Effective? Definately. Worth it? I'm not sure.

The View from Without

The Camarilla
"Ungrateful whores. A blessing upon their heads and they spit at it." - Sebastion Vincent, Ventrue Archon

The Sabbat
"I've heard you can make an ally out of them... as long as a man doesn't tell them where to stick it." - Cerise, Brujah antitribu

The Independents
"Their way is not the easiest. But if they knew how they truly came about they still wouldn't change their tune." - Icaris, Kiasyd scholar


archived article from Sanguinus Curae



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