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Shadoweaver Bloodline

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by: Josh Pitre for Sanguinus Curae

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The Shadoweaver bloodline has existed for millennia as an offshoot of Clan Tzimisce. The founder of the line, whose name is known only to a handful of ancient Tzimisce and the few remaining Shadoweavers, was a childe of the Tzimisce antediluvian itself. In his early years, he witnessed a few of Lasombra's childer using their shadow discipline and longed to possess a similar power. He managed to coerce a member of the clan into teaching him its rudiments, and later began expanding his knowledge to a frightening degree. After all, if one wants perfect lighting in one's laboratory, why not eliminate the shadows in the area? Once his learning was complete, the first of the line, who called himself "Shadoweaver" at this point, began embracing childer, who all ended up taking his name as a surname. The Shadoweavers never came into direct power, preferring to stick to the Balkans along with the rest of the Tzimisce. Among the Tzimisce who actually knew about the bloodline knew the Weavers to possess libraries and laboratories filled with tomes and victims, experiments and ancient lore beyond many's wildest dreams.

However, the Shadoweaver bloodline's obscure history took a horrible turn in the year 1249. One individual, a heartless scientist and Koldunic sorcerer by the name of Rowan, became angered at the line for reasons that only he knows. As a result, the monstrously tall being began diablerizing the bloodline, one by one. Over a few centuries, they were all but wiped out, and he alone possesses the knowledge and power of the entire line. The few ancients of Clan Tzimisce who still walk the nights are afraid of approaching the white-haired Rowan for fear that they, too, will be diablerized.

Perhaps a handful of Shadoweavers still live, having escaped the vicious fate at their enemy's hands.

Nickname: Weavers

Bloodlines: None exist, or have ever existed.

Quote: "Ah, how I love the sound of kine, screaming for God to take them unto the next world. But their god will not take them yet. They will live, and continue screaming for their master." - Rowan


Most Weavers were known to alter their bodies drastically with Vicissitude; many are more beautiful than human by the end of the process. Rowan is known to be over 9 feet tall, with thin insect-like limbs, though his strength is immense.


Many were known to own large castles with gigantic libraries, and all preferred to keep elegant trappings of wealth that could make a Toreador weep, both for the beauty and for the humans sacrificed to create the sometimes still-living sculptures.


The Weavers selected intelligent, quick witted and perceptive humans for the Embrace. Physical prowess was also appreciated, as well as beauty, though physical strength, beauty, and a few other things could be easily improved with the proper use of Vicissitude.

Character Creation

Mental stats were primary, though Perception and Intelligence were more noteworthy. Following were Physical stats, mainly Strength and most importantly Dexterity. Stamina has its uses, but not when you stay in your haven most of the nights. Social abilities and stats aside from Appearance were only used for those who performed oratory and speeches before other Tzimisce. Knowledges, especially Occult, Clan/Bloodline lore, Academics, Medicine and Science were always favored, as well as Body Alteration.

They were all stripped of Humanity during the process of Embrace and followed the Path of Metamorphosis, though they rarely cared if they displayed emotions or helped others or not. It all depended on the individual. Other Paths were sometimes followed, mostly the Path of Honorable Accord and The Path of Death and the Soul. One strange individual was once said to follow the Path of Lilith or the Path of Cathari, though which is not known. Player-created Shadoweavers would be between the 6th and 9th generations. Shadoweavers were loathe to Embrace in the past, though who is to say that one wouldn't in the modern nights?

Disciplines: Auspex, Obtenebration and Vicissitude.
(Many were known to possess at least a tiny amount of Koldunism, and no particular Way was preferred)


All Shadoweavers possessed the Tzimisce clan weakness, though the soil they needed was always the soil of Eastern Europe, preferably that near the Balkan Mountains. Needless to say, they could not possess the Ancestral Soil Dependence flaw. They also had to sleep in a bed or coffin full of soil instead of just two handfuls. Because of the first Shadoweavers' lack of care for the Animalism discipline, they paid current rating X8 to learn higher levels of it.


The Shadoweavers, like the Tzimisce proper, followed no leader, though all paid homage to a Voivode of the line, who made few, if any, demands or decrees. Rowan Shadoweaver is now the Voivode by default, as he is the closest remaining member to Caine and also the eldest.


The Shadoweavers were eradicated before the Sabbat and Camarilla were created, though the few that remain are just as likely to go with either sect as to remain independent. Any Sabbat are likely to become Black Hand or True Sabbat.


Sabbat: "The only Sabbat worth a gram of sand is a Tzimisce, or a dead one. Pathetic punks who try at being as the Tzimisce once were, in days of old. Spare them no mercy."

Camarilla: "At least the Camarilla has vast resources and are, at times, almost worth speaking to, if not just to get more money for experiments. If they do not give any, kill them and take it anyway. Unless it is a Tremere. Kill him, set our spirits upon him with Kupala's magic and then twist his flesh into a mosaic for your home."

Tzimisce: "Our Brothers, though they fear us for our knowledge. Help them, for they might be able to give something in return. The Szantovich can be... useful. In many, many ways."


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