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Ventrue: A View from Without

by: Adamus A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

The Ventrue are often considered to be the leaders of vampiric society. This clan of Blue Bloods holds enormous influence in both mortal and Kindred affairs. The clan stereotype of businessmen and politicians is seemingly valid, since the Ventrue prefer to Embrace those who can hold their own in the arena of political and economic conflict. Many Camarilla Princes come from the Blue Bloods, and the clan is without doubt one of the strongest pillars of the Camarilla sect.

The Ventrue use their political and financial power to further the goals of the sect, and of course their own goals. The Ventrue are powerbrokers and manipulators of the purest pedigree, carrying their 'burden' of responsibility with stoic calm. They claim that without their guiding hand, the Camarilla would have fallen centuries ago. Unfortunately, their claim may hold truth. The Ventrue's aid in the growth of the sect is not easily overestimated. Yet many Kindred of this clan seem to pursue power only for the sake of power, gathering more wealth and influence for themselves.

The Ventrue have also influenced the advance of mortal society a great deal. Old ties with the Roman Church still exist, although the Blue Bloods have always had to contend with the Lasombra in the halls of the Vatican. The Ventrue are also said to have been one of the driving forces behind the Christian Crusades, and other mortal conflicts are credited to this clan in varying degrees. The Brujah hold their own grudges against the Blue Bloods, as the Ventrue are said to have played a great role in the fall of ancient Carthage.

Rumors are whispered that the Ventrue Antediluvian found his end at the hands of a Brujah, but one is never wise to utter such suspicions in the face of a Blue Blood. A Ventrue's anger is easily invoked in this manner.

During the Anarch Revolt, a large group of Ventrue shed the shackles of their clan and joined the fledgeling Sabbat. Their chivalrous natures ensured their place as protectors and knights in the Sword of Caine, and the Ventrue Antitribu are among the fiercest defenders of the Sabbat sect.

The Ventrue continue to build their power, ever spreading their influence in the hopes of guiding the Cainite race to a new, glorious future.
A future under their leadership, of course.

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