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Ventrue Merits and Flaws II

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by: Benedira for Sanguinus Curae

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Credible (1 pt. Social Merit)

You are capable of presenting your ideas in such a way that even the most far-fetched notion could seem sensible and logical. Those of lesser mental merit are likely to believe you without pause, and your equals and superiors find cause to consider your ideas. You can't necessarily pull the wool over anyone's eyes, nor can you make them believe something they know isn't true - but you can manipulate the facts and figures to strongly support your own suggestions.

Humble (1 pt. Social Merit)

Something about your speech and demeanor influences other kindred to believe that you truly wish to serve your fellow vampire. You play the role of civil servant well, and though others may not always understand your plans, they are inclined to believe that you aim to benefit all. You are at a -1 difficulty on all appropriate Manipulation rolls. (i.e., convincing your elder that you should be the one to control her nightly business affairs is rolled at a -1 difficulty, though trying to talk a Toreador neonate into your bedroom isn't.)

Noble (2 pt. Social Merit)

You come from noble, aristocratic, or even royal stock, and the concepts of public life and machiavellian politics have been familiar to you since birth. You have less trouble adapting to and understanding the social conventions of the Ventrue and the Camarilla. You are at a -1 difficulty on all appropriate social and political rolls. (i.e., negotiating with an elder is at a -1 difficulty, though trying to intimidate one of the Brujah most likely is not.)

Proud Lineage (4 pt. Social Merit)

Every new Ventrue-to-Ventrue introduction begins with a recitation of lineage, and when you recite yours all heads turn. Your proud line is well known within the clan, as are their numerous successes and victories throughout the ages. Whether your own deeds do your line justice, those of your clan who learn of your lineage are suitably impressed. You are granted consideration beyond your own years and accomplishments, as surely there was a reason you were chosen to join this venerable line of Ventrue.


Known Mercenary (1 pt. Social Flaw)

The exploits of your past are well known in your city, and no one is ever going to believe that you follow the path of the civil servant. Whether you have an unselfish or altruistic bone in your body, none of those you must deal with believe you do - they're sure that if you're making a deal with them, they're probably getting the short end of the stick. They also believe that you only do anything about anything if it serves you, and nothing else matters in your plans. You are at a +1 difficulty on all appropriate Manipulation rolls, and rarely can convince anyone to trust you even a little.

Rarefied Taste (2 pt. Physical Flaw)

While all Ventrue suffer an extremely discerning palette, you suffer this hindrance more than most. Your chosen vessels are rarer than rare, and you must go to great lengths to ensure that you will be able to feed and maintain your strength. Perhaps you may only feed from victims of a very rare disease, or those with a particular genetic defect. Whatever the predilection, you must constantly work to maintain the presence and health of your source(s) of nourishment and hide the near-crippling flaw from your enemies.

Crass (2 pt. Social Flaw)

While you might be a savvy manipulator and accomplished powerbroker, you lack style and social grace. Your unrefined demeanor is something of a handicap, and often offends the delicate sensibilities of your more discerning associates. You are at a +1 difficulty on all appropriate social rolls, and experience costs to increase Etiquette or Grace are doubled.

Notorious Lineage (4 pt. Social Flaw)

Every new Ventrue to Ventrue introduction begins with a recitation of lineage, and when you recite yours all heads turn - though it is only to get a good look at the scoundrel. The notoriety of your lineage is well known throughout your clan, and you must constantly suffer the social consequences of their failures and follies. Though you may be both competent and formidable, your peers and betters think you the latest addition to a line of misbegotten fools and would be unlikely to trust you with even their garbage. You must work twice as hard to gain even a small amount of consideration, and any ground you might gain will be lost at the first sign of even the smallest mistake.

Lost Lineage (5 pt. Social Flaw)

Every new Ventrue to Ventrue introduction begins with a recitation of lineage - unfortunately, you don't know yours. Whether your sire never taught you, amnesia has taken the information from you, or another Ventrue has used Dominate to cause you to forget, you must always decline when asked to recite your lineage and admit you don't know. Your clan fellows have mixed reactions to this, though they are never good - some think you an impostor to the clan, others accuse you of being clanless or antitribu, some simply think you a cretin and refuse to have anything to do with you. You must work ten times as hard to gain even a modicum of respect from other Ventrue who know of your predicament, and sometimes are driven out of town before you get the chance to begin proving yourself.


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