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Ventrue: An Eyewitness Account

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by: Belladonna for Sanguinus Curae

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Good evening, my dear. Yes, please, do sit. This will not take long. Just a few matters to attend to and then we may continue. Perhaps while you are waiting you might peruse that prospectus there on the table by your elbow? I am confident you will find it most intriguing.
Splendid, now if you will excuse me for just a few moments.

Caroline? Yes, good evening. Kindly send Justin to contact Raymond Belzer at the Plaza immediately. He is attached to the concierge desk and is responsible for all matters of procurement at the hotel. Yes. Senator Hastings enjoyed a gala event in the company of a ravishing young lady there last night and I am sure Mr. Belzer arranged the meeting. I want to know the young lady's name and where we might find her. The Senator was quite intrigued, and I intend that this fascination continues.

Yes, my dear, I am sure that she will need the usual refinement. See that she is found and brought here immediately. There is a charity ball at Governor Stanton's summer home this weekend which the Senator shall be attending. I intend that the Senator become reacquainted with his object of delight, to my benefit.
Excellent, see to it.

Truman? Contact our brokers and offer to buy a thirty percent share in Ares Shipping from the board of directors. They are experiencing financial difficulties and will without doubt appreciate the windfall of lucre. They intend to revitalize the old shipyards south of Pier 30, contact Calvin Reynard at the office of the Commissioner and see to it that their permits are expedited. Yes, Truman, that area is firmly the territory of our Italian friends. A revitalization program and an influx of legitimate business should facilitate a distinct weakening in their ability to do business there away from observation. I look forward to their loss of another foothold on my territory.

Good evening, Prescott. Yes, it is a lovely evening, true. Prescott, contact Special Agent Freeman immediately. I believe there will be a bomb scare at JFK this evening. Yes, in the private terminal. See to it that all flights between 10:15 and 12:30 tonight are delayed from disembarking while the situation is investigated. A certain Elder is arriving tonight by private jet to negotiate with the Prince, I want them annoyed and agitated by the time they reach the meeting. The Prince is also notoriously impatient with tardiness. That should be enough to ensure the failure of the negotiations. Yes, Prescott, I am also bidding on the same matter. Why do you ask?
Take care of it.

Now. My dear. Have you finished? Yes, splendid. Might I ask your opinion? Quite a daring plan, is it not? Of course, yes, thank you.
Now, if I may draw your attention to page twenty-three, I am sure you find this most interesting. Yes, I see, you merely skimmed that section. This is not a habit that I recommend. If you will read paragraph four…
You see now, don't you? The success of this venture depends on the depression of a certain stock within the next few weeks. I am sure you recognize the company name there on line six. Is that not the company your sire has placed in your care? I recall you seeking advice on its management from one of my colleagues.
You were unaware that Ms. Chandler was an associate of mine? An unfortunate oversight.

I believe your sire was expecting this company to be quite a 'cash cow', and has heavily refinanced several other ventures to give you the working capital you needed to facilitate its fruition. Yes? I can see your answer already, no need to reply.
Now, if your sire's venture fails and this company's stock drops from - what did you buy it at? Eleven? Really, that high at the last market close? My, but that will not do. Twenty is much too high for my purposes, I should think three would be much more suitable.
Impossible? You might think so, my dear, given the promissory contracts you have managed to obtain over the past few months. But is your production not dependent on components shipped from the Asian continent? What is the name of the shipping contract holder for your company? Ares?
How coincidental.
Now you may wish to renegotiate the shipping contract, of course. But as I understand it these negotiations take time, and I am sure that the delays will be disastrous to your production schedule. Should news of this reach circulation… well, I would not want to be holding those promissory contracts as my only reassurance.

Do not look so shocked, my dear.
What is that? Speak up.
Why, yes. I was quite fond of you. Prior to your embrace that is.
In all truth I actually had my eye on you myself, before your sire swept you away. I was quite put out, truthfully.
Still, life - as they say - does go on, and successful ventures are a sufficient salve to such minor setbacks. Success is, after all, what we Ventrue are chosen for, indeed destined for.
I believe the success of this present venture will almost compensate for losing you.
Yes, success is our watchword.
Now, failure, on the other hand… this is rarely tolerated. Failure on a grand and embarrassing scale is sure to be detrimental to continued existence.

You should never have refused me, my dear, I tend towards forgiveness much more than your sire.
I will be incredibly astonished if he allows you to live.
Enjoy the rest of your evening.


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