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Tremere: Another View From Without

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by: Adamus

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archived article from Sanguinus Curae


The Tremere are a clan of insidious sorcerers. More secretive than most other clans, much of the generally accepted knowledge on the Warlocks is based on rumor and speculation. From the origins of the clan to its use of blood-magics, its inner structure to its goals, everything is shrouded in mists of misinformation.

The Tremere are said to originate from a house of mortal magicians who chose immortality in the form of vampirism about one millennium ago. They actively chose to become vampires, contrary to many others of our kind on whom the embrace was forced. Such a fact alone is unsettling. Without a doubt, the Tremere are the masters of the art of Thaumaturgy, a most potent Discipline that seems to have no limits in its application. Of course, it is likely that the Warlock's mastery of blood-magics is linked to their heritage as practitioners of mortal wizardry.

The clan is rigidly hierarchical, from what outside observations can discern. The clan has many chantries spread out over the globe, and each chantry is supervised by a regent. Their main chantry lies in Vienna, where the eldest and most powerful of their number convene.

The Tremere occupy a special place in the Camarilla sect. Without doubt it holds a position of great power and influence in the sect, as without its driving force the Camarilla would never have ascended to its current state. Yet the Warlocks are widely mistrusted, as their insidious past haunts them to this day. Tales of experimentation on Gangrel and Nosferatu vampires are still whispered, and the Tremere's active crusade against the peaceful Salubri will never be forgotten. The Tremere have no true friends, only reluctant allies and fanatical adversaries. That it has managed to survive, and even prosper, in an environment of such hostility, is testimony to the clan's resourcefulness and tenacity.

However, the clan is not one monolithic entity. Many anarchs are of Tremere descent, and the clan has an offshoot that joined the Sabbat sect. Or, I should say, had an offshoot. Rumors circulate about the Tremere Antitribu's destruction to the last of their number. Some would claim the Tremere themselves are responsible for the demise of their renegade brethren, but it is awfully coincidental that a group of Salubri, the Tremere's archenemies, decided to join the Sabbat at roughly the same time the Tremere Antitribu found their end. Perhaps the renegade Salubri can be credited with the Warlocks' anti-tribe's extermination.

When encountering a Tremere, be very wary. It is unwise to trust any vampire, but it is sheer stupidity to trust a Tremere.


archived article from Sanguinus Curae



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