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Tremere Merits and Flaws

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by: Benedira for Sanguinus Curae

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Prodigy (2 pt. Social Merit)

You were born to be Tremere, your elders say. You have an easier time grasping magical concepts and understanding clan protocols, and will surely advance through the circles of enlightenment faster than most. Your elders think well of you, and it is often you they come to when they require an assistant. You are at a -1 on social rolls when dealing with Tremere older than yourself, though may find your peers and inferiors jealous.

Witch's Blood (2 pt. Supernatural Merit)

You come from a long line of witches or warlocks, and have been practicing some form of the craft since you were young. The metaphysics of magic have always been a part of the 'real' world for you, and arcane secrets come more easily because of it. You have a much easier time learning and remembering Rituals, and have an uncanny ability to create them.

Regent's Protégé (2 pt. Social Merit)

You are the Regent's personal protégé, though she may not be your sire. You often serve as valet and assistant, but are also allowed access to much more knowledge than the rest of your Chantry. Your position keeps you very busy, but the long term reward will be the edge that will see you outflank the competition. Your position also grants you an undefined authority despite your age or station. You are at a -1 difficulty to all Leadership and Intimidation rolls against other members of your Chantry - except the Regent, of course.

Silent Benefactor (3 pt. Social Merit)

Someone has decided that your career should be assisted. You are secretly passed materials to advance your studies, and might even be given tasks that will allow you to gain favor in the chantry. You have no idea who is helping you, only that someone has taken a vested interest in your progress for their own reasons. Your silent benefactor might even come to your aid if you find yourself in trouble.


Witch's Teat (1 pt. Physical Flaw)

For some reason, this telltale sign of your nature manifested at the time of your embrace - and now you have the infamous third nipple of black magic legend. This unsightly blemish is easily concealed while clothed, but glaringly obvious when your chest is exposed. In extreme cases, women have sometimes developed a third breast - more difficult to conceal even fully dressed. While many may think nothing of the strange 'birthmark', those wise in the ways of the supernatural may know it for what it is. More than one Tremere has become the subject of a Witch Hunt thanks to the revelation of this mark.

Oathbreaker (1-4 pt. Social Flaw)

You have broken the Oath you took at your embrace, and you have been caught. Now your superiors are considering both your crime and your punishment, and your every action is under a microscope until your fate is decided. This flaw at one point might mean that your crime was that of developing a personal relationship with another Tremere - an infraction that is likely to be punished less severely than others. At four points, this flaw might mean that you have taught the secrets of Thaumaturgy to one of the clan's enemies, or ensorcelled one of your clanmates to terrible ends. The punishment for these crimes will likely be death, if you're fortunate.

Tremere's Curse (4 pt. Supernatural Flaw)

From the first night of your embrace, you have borne the earmarks of Tremere's diablerie. Your aura will always have the strong black veins that result from this social sin, though you may have never committed it. It is unlikely any will believe that you are innocent of this crime, and you may become hunted anywhere you go. This flaw should not be taken lightly, as there is no way for the Tremere to know of their curse unless someone tells them.


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