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Followers of Set: A View From Without

by: Adamus A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

The Followers of Set are often associated with corruption. They are masters at the game of boons, spreading their vile influence though devious manipulations of kine and Kindred. Notorious for their ties to illicit operations, these Snakes can provide you with whatever you want... for a price.

Yet not all Setites are drug-running, arms-dealing corrupters. A sizable portion of the clan seems to dedicate itself to gathering arcane lore, and as a result some Followers have access to fragments of ancient scriptures that many an elder would give his most trusted Childe to possess. The Setites are, of course, willing to trade this information.

The Setites claim to descend from an ancient Egyptian deity, the serpent god Set. Whether this deity was in fact an Antediluvian or truly a divine being is subject to debate. To this day the clan's origins continues to influence it greatly. The clan prefers recruits from Egyptian lands, and many of the Snakes' codes are derived from old Egyptian beliefs. Setite temples, their gathering places, are often decorated with hieroglyphs depicting tales of Set's heroic deeds. The clan also seems to have some sort of connection to the enigmatic Mummies, who also originate from ancient Egypt.

Not long ago a group of Haitian Setites separated from the mainstream clan, and joined the Sabbat. Calling themselves the Serpents of the Light, these renegades have become a major nuisance to their parent clan, opposing the Followers at every turn. The Serpents' influence in the Sabbat sect is growing, as they have proven to be a very valuable asset.

At one time the Camarilla offered the Followers membership in the sect, but the Snakes chose to remain Independent. In lieu of the rise of the Serpents of the Light, rumors are whispered that the clan may be reconsidering their decision. Whether this rumor holds truth remains to be seen.

The Setites can be valuable, albeit dangerous, allies. They can provide one with nearly any item desired, yet their bargains always come with a snake in the grass. Be wary when dealing with the Followers of Set; a great many Kindred has fallen for their manipulations, and none come out of a deal with the Snakes unscathed. It is wise to keep in mind that corruption is the goal of the Setites, and while they may seem to be a true friend, a Snake's loyalty is always to himself first.

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