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Salubri: A View From Without

by: Xavier Lev-Argonne A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

If you ask anyone about the Salubri, you know what kind of answer you'll get: demons, soul-suckers, diablerists, monsters, infernalists, whatever. 'I hate to sound like an anarchical weasel here, but has anyone actually met a Salubri? Nuh-uh. Didn't think so.

'Y'know who started these rumors? It was the Tremere. Ever so long ago, when they first came into existence, they rambled on about how Saulot and his kin were all demons from the depths of hell and yonder. And people (id est, Kindred) actually brought that load of bull, ignoring the obvious fact the Warlocks were trying to save their own asses.

'Now, I've never met a Salubri, so I can't say anything for sure. Maybe they really ARE demons and diablerists. Maybe they aren't. Frankly, I don't know or care. All I'm saying is that look at the source of the rumor. The Tremere, the enigmatic, kooky freaks with pointy hats who deal with blood and demons and fire as a part of their everyday life! And from what I've heard, the Tremere's founder was a grade-A narcissistic asshole to begin with.

'So, on one hand we've got the esoteric bloodline no one has ever seen since about 1200 years ago being hunted by the magicians with REAL demonic origins, and they're trying to tell us the race THEY hunted and slaughtered are pure evil? Bull!

'But we've still got all these dumb-asses who get up in arms at the mere mention of a Salubri within a radius of 300 miles. I swear to God, some of these Camarilla folk are more dense (and easily manipulated) then a group of Texas rednecks on Sunday.'

-Snotrag, Nosferatu sculptor

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