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Malkavian: A View From Without

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by: Adamus for Sanguinus Curae

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All Malkavians are incurably insane. This is virtually the only thing that can be said that applies to the whole of the clan. The Malkavians are as diverse as is imaginable, taking members from all classes and cultures. While some might argue that all vampires are inherently mad, clan Malkavian redefines the concept of madness. Cursed with insanity from the moment of the Embrace, the Kooks are as unpredictable as they come.

Worse, sometimes a Malkavian is not recognized as such. The clan's members range from the “insane but harmless” (such as the infamous stereotype of a teddy-bear-carrying adult with a childlike demeanor) to the worst imaginable 'Hannibal Lecterian' psychopath. Not infrequently a Malkavian has convinced himself - and those around him - that he is of an entirely different descent. Often Toreador are victims of such imitation, made even more embarrassing by Toreador's inability to tell the difference between a Malkavian impersonator and a true Degenerate.

Most Malkavians are frightening individuals. Their insanity and unpredictability, combined with the Dementation Discipline that allows them to infect others with madness, make them dangerous allies at best. One never knows when a Malkavian, who is seemingly composed on the outside, might suddenly snap and turn a face of terror towards his companions.

The Sabbat Malkavians are, if possible, worse still. The Antitribu Kooks usually experience short and violent unlives, as even the Sabbat has a hard time dealing with these monstrously deranged vampires in their midst. Often Malkavian Antitribu vampires are contained and locked up until the time of a siege, when they are unleashed upon the enemy, leaving a trail of ravaged and mentally scarred victims in their wake.

The Malkavians' position in the Camarilla is nonetheless uncontested. Over the centuries these deranged vampires have contributed greatly to the growth and prosperity of the sect, and despite some vulgar breaches of the Masquerade the Malkavians seem to uphold the Traditions dutifully. The clan's Justicar has a powerful voice in the sect, and there are even some Malkavian Princes.

Malkavians are notorious for playing pranks on their Kindred brethren, ranging from harmless jokes to potentially lethal tricks. When dealing with a Malkavian, one often feels as if their shattered minds grasp a concept that we can never hope to understand... And they're laughing at us for our ignorance.


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