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Malkavian: A View From Within the Without

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by: Don Lara for Sanguinus Curae

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I've got it!

I really really think I do occasionally possess some rationality of my state of Virginia.

Where was I?

Oh yeah: the Clan!

Or should I say: The Antediluvian!

All this fretting over the rising of the old smelly things that made us what we are... they're already here! Or, at least, one of them is... the one that really matters to me, I guess. See, the ancient stories that filter down along the Network...that thing about Malkav. Rent asunder. Eaten by his Childer. Flesh and blood and all that yummy finger-lickin' good herbs and spices? Well, see: That's just IT!!

Malkav isn't 'Dead:' He lives! IN us. The Madness we all inherited from the last Will and testament of our fourscore and seven sheep ago? It's HIM. 'We're' HIM. The Malkavian aren't the Clan begotten by Malkav: The Clan IS Malkav!

The skewed visions we all share and share alike are HIM residing within our consciousnessesesses. Dementation recurring was Malkav yawning after a long winter's nap!

He won't 'arise,' he's already RISEN! That thing in the Middle East, you ask?? Naaaah....that was/is/going to be a PRANK! Imagine the giggleiciousness the MAD one must be getting, making everyone think Gehenna was upon us by making that 'thing' or whatever in blue blazes he blazed be!

Heck! He could be making me write this...write now...over my shoulder boulder-holder right now...

The Network is Malkav, and we are but dreams within His mid-summer's night before he decides to become whole once more. Or, perhaps he's already made the decision, and the consequences are only now beginning to emerge from the Black Lagoon!! Black? Blackout. What was I saying? Oh, right: Eat at Joe's!

Regards to the Guards,
Captain Zachary Allen Pearson


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