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Malkavian Merits and Flaws II

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by: Benedira for Sanguinus Curae

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Spellbinder (1 pt. Merit)

The outward physical expression of your madness is intriguing and enticing, awakening an interest even in those who suffer Ennui. This lends you a certain amount of sway over both humans and kindred when engaging them directly. The difficulty of all appropriate social rolls is decreased by one.

Seeming Lucidity (3 pt. Merit)

Though you are mad as a hatter, you conceal your insanity well - or perhaps your particular brand of madness simply does not lend itself to external perceptions. To others you appear lucid almost constantly, capable of making reasonable leaps of logic and sound decisions. Other kindred are more forgiving of the small quirks you outwardly display, and they are less likely to dismiss you as uselessly insane.


Wild-Eyed (1 pt. Flaw)

One need only to look into your eyes to see that you are dangerously insane, and the effect is quite disturbing. All but the most stalwart mortals find themselves inclined to flee your presence immediately, and even kindred do not care to deal with you for long. The difficulty of all appropriate social rolls is increased by one (i.e. seduction rolls are more difficult, but intimidation rolls are not), and humans must spend a point of willpower to remain in your immediate vicinity.

Whispers on the Wind (2 pt. Flaw)

You constantly hear hushed voices, as if a secretive choir hounded your every waking moment. These voices may whisper innocuous babble sometimes, unbearable horrors others. Whether these voices are real or simply your own overactive subconscious is a mystery, but the constant sound makes it difficult to focus on other things. You may never take the Concentration merit, and all difficulties to focus or pay attention are increased by two.

Unpredictable (3 pt. Flaw)

Sometimes your reactions surprise even you, and you can never be certain how you will respond to even the most familiar stimuli. You may suddenly find yourself too terrified to enter the haven you have slept in for years, or hopelessly enamored with a normally despised enemy. Once per game session, the storyteller should have you make a Wits + Empathy roll against a difficulty nine. Success indicates that your erratic nature remains dormant, while a failure indicates that your unpredictability will rear its head once more. A botch indicates that your reaction is so intense that you can do nothing but act on it immediately, regardless of all but the most immediate consequences (i.e., you will not attack someone that you believe can overcome you, but will not fail to attack someone simply because there might be other kinds of repercussions).

Tormented (4 pt. Flaw)

You are perfectly aware that you are insane and suffer much anguish over this fact. You do not share your clan's so-called enlightened view of madness and loathe your own debilitating state. You are on a constant but futile search to cure yourself of your mental disease, an unreachable goal that nevertheless drives your existence. You exhibit every sign of self-loathing and likely harbor a great deal of enmity for your sire. This loathing may even extend to every child of Malkav.

Incomprehensible (5 pt. Flaw)

The change affected you worse than most, permanently damaging your perception of your own communication skills. Though you perceive yourself as speaking normally, you speak only in indecipherable babble and nonsensical words. Likewise, any attempt at written communication fails also - what appears to be legible, logical writing to you is nothing more than doodles and ungraspable scribbles. This utter inability to communicate through conventional means is often frustrating to all parties involved. Your Expression score may never rise above zero, though you may spend a point of willpower to temporarily overcome this flaw. You may never utter more than two or three logical words in a scene, however.


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