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Malkavian Merits and Flaws

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by: Xavier Lev-Argonne for Sanguinus Curae

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Calling of the Blood (3 pt. Merit)

The blood of other Malkavian seems to call out to you. When conferring with a Kindred, it immediately becomes aware to you that they are Malkavian as well - a useful trick if someone else proclaims themselves as one of Malkav's blood.

Clan Sight (4 pt. Merit)

The alleged sight-beyond-sight said to be common to your blood allows you to immediately spot what clan a given Kindred is. When conversing with another Kindred, you may choose to roll Perception + Empathy (difficulty 7). If you succeed, you can immediately learn what clan they are.

Four Disciplines (5 pt. Merit)

When Dementation washed over the Camarilla Malkavian, it replaced their knowledge of Dominate. For you, however, it merely added to your set of Disciplines. You now have four clan Disciplines - Auspex, Dementation, Dominate, and Obfuscate, and you purchase them the same as you would any other clan Discipline.


Easily Overcome (2 pt. Flaw)

Your insanity is overwhelming and debilitating. You may never spend a Willpower point to resist any of your derangements, like other Malkavian can.

Thrice-Cursed (4 pt. Flaw)

While all members of Malkav's blood are deranged, you are extremely so. You begin the game with at least three derangements.

Raving Lunatic (7 pt. Flaw)

In your deranged state, you are a raving, howling maniac, and others have locked you up for your own safety. You begin the game with at least four derangements, and the difficulties of all social rolls are increased by 2.


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