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Lasombra: A View From Without

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by: Adamus for Sanguinus Curae

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No other clan embraces what it means to be a vampire as the Lasombra do. The Keepers are known for their mastery of shadows in the form of their dreaded Obtenebration Discipline, as well as for their Machiavellian attitude towards their own members and their barely veiled disgust towards all other vampires. This clan prizes ruthlessness and resourcefulness, actively encouraging their members to engage in subversive manipulations and devious sect politics. Those most cunning will come out on top, and this strengthens the clan as a whole.

The Lasombra clan is to the Sabbat what the Ventrue clan is to the Camarilla. But where the Ventrue uphold a facade of civility, the Lasombra have no problems with reveling in their monstrous natures. They are vampires, and they find great pleasure in their damnation. These uncontested masters of the Sabbat sect have a hold on mortal financial affairs that rivals that of clan Ventrue, and the Catholic Church has been infested with Lasombra influence for over a millennium.

The Lasombra is a true Sabbat clan, and embodies this sect's ideal nigh perfectly. The strong survive, these Darwinian shadow lords reason, and those who perish along the way are a necessary sacrifice. The Lasombra have no qualms about sending dozens of Sabbat to their final deaths in a siege, as long as it serves their greater purpose.

At the time of the Anarch Revolt, the vast majority of the clan turned against their elders, and the clan claims to have slain its Antediluvian founder. While a scattered few Lasombra Antitribu - those who survived the Anarch Revolt and did not join the Sword of Caine - do exist among the Camarilla, these are a tiny minority and often the target of Sabbat warpacks.

Vague rumors circulate about a faction within the clan - a group of Lasombra elders who guide the clan as a whole - accepting the greatest of their number in their midst, but such remains unconfirmed speculation.

When parting company with a Lasombra, praise yourself lucky. The Keeper has judged you worthy of continued existence... for now.


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