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Lasombra: A View from Within

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by: Don Lara for Sanguinus Curae

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Am I not my brother's keeper?

Are not we, the exalted of Caine, charged with the responsibility of leading the blind into the darkness that is our thrall?

To view the grandeur of the Lasombra, one needs only to peer into the darkness in which we thrive: it is boundless. Thus, so are we.

To be Lasombra is to be wholly confident in one's abilities, and in one's intent. There must be an "end" by which we are to devise the "means." But that end, whatever it is, must benefit the whole. Do what it takes to achieve your own goals, but do so with a consideration for how it might benefit the Sabbat, in whole or in part.

Never assume anyone else will do it for you: you must be as singular as the shade cast by a stone in the moonlight. But never forget your place. Singular, you may be, but it is to the darkness, within "and" without, that your loyalty must lie.

Unlike the fools of the Camarilla, we do not "live to exist," we "exist to LIVE." While others may weep about their lost Humanity, we know of the freedom that comes from being released from the shackles of our pitiful, weak, human shells.

We embrace the darkness, and make it our own, because each one of us feels the darkness boiling within ourselves: that dark fire within one's belly that cries out for release upon those that oppose us. Call it the Beast, if you must. I call it the touch of Caine upon my very being, striving to break free of the bonds of mortality. The embrace is a blessing, not a curse.

Never take the blood of the Lasombra lightly. To be Lasombra is a gift that only the most worthy may be granted. To embrace one, and then to have that one fail, cannot be tolerated. A Childe that fails speaks of a Sire that is himself a failure. Such flawed members must be weeded out of the Clan at all costs, and their blood returned to the Clan, so that it may be bestowed upon another, more worthy pupil of the Abyss.

In similar fashion, our command of the Abyss must not be allowed to leave the confines of the Clan. It is my belief that our control of the Abyss was given unto the Lasombra, and "only" the Lasombra, for a reason. Therefore, I shall not be the one to share the knowledge of darkness, nor tolerate those who reveal it to others not of the blood. For the Abyss to be manipulated by any not given the power at their creation...I fear that, like an imbecile allowed to exist within the Clan Lasombra, such manipulation taints and makes impure the perfection of the Abyss.

But I digress. My passions override my eloquence. If you know nothing else, know that the power we wield, the control we hold, was not "given" to us, nor is it "owed" us. It was "earned." From the moment we freed ourselves from the machinations of the Antediluvian who thought to control us as the others do their own, we have fought for every inch of control we possess. Never let complacency or ego cloud your mind to the fact that to be Lasombra is to be ever ready to do battle for the freedom others seek to steal from us. Lead the charge when it is your responsibility to do so, or when others are unwilling to.

After all: Are we not our brother's keepers?

Don Nilijandro Lara
Archbishop of Bellingham
Student of the Shadow's Grace


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