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Les Amies Noir Membership: Lasombra-specific Background

Considered to some degree to be a clan within a clan, the clandestine members of Les Amies Noir represent the true power within the Lasombra Clan; the creme de la creme of the Keepers. The minimum prerequisite for membership is to be an Elder in age and experience, but this is just the beginning. True influence within 'Les Amies' comes only through committed action and sacrifice in service to the Lasombra Clan, and to the Sabbat on the whole.

You've been made aware of Les Amies Noir, and have a probationary membership, with one contact within the group. At Storyteller discretion, you may call upon this contact for a small favor, or a piece of Sect/Clan information, but almost always at a price.

You're accepted as one of the rising stars within the group, but still seen as a newcomer. You know at least two other members by name and have a few acquaintances. Name-dropping alone can get things done for you in some cities, but you don't yet have the clout to back anything up if questioned on your authority.

You are a member in good standing, and know most of the other members within your region. You are occasionally called upon to sit in on sessions of the Court of Blood.

You represent one of the 'old guard' of the group, and know most of the other members on sight. You often sit in on 'Les Amies' committees whose decisions dictate the future course of the Clan, and even the Sabbat on the whole. Your name alone opens practically all doors when dealing with the Lasombra in a city.

You regularly officiate sessions of the Court of Blood. It is not uncommon for Lasombra Archbishops to solicit your advice in matters of Clan and Sect.

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