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The Kiasyd: A View from Without

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by: Helix for Sanguinus Curae

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Kiasyd. Weirdlings. Darklings. Pick your moniker for the line of vampires that is no longer fully Kindred. At the best of times reclusive, at the worst of times wrathful, the Kiasyd bloodline is known for being made up of dangerously quiet scholars. The Kiasyd resemble the Fae of old. Every last one of the Weirdlings undergoes a change upon the Embrace. They elongate, becoming gaunt and tall, even by Kindred standards. Their skin becomes a chalky white, and their eyes cloud over with a shadowy blackness that hides whatever color they may have been previously. They are amazingly rare, and even more confusing in their mannerisms, contrasting heavily with their Sabbat brethren. The Kiasyd hold a very peculiar niche in the World of Darkness.

The Kiasyd's past is lost to the centuries. Those who seek knowledge of the Weirdling's past are better suited to seek out sources outside the bloodline, as the Kiasyd rarely speak of themselves, and direct questioning of a Weirdling could be seen as prying. The few that have heard of the Kiasyd point towards the Keepers, and whisper of deals with Demons, the Shadow Court of the fae, and Teutonic Magi. Whatever the source, every last Weirdling shares their Lasombra parents ability to manipulate the shadows of the earth with Obtenebration. As the Lasombra rarely, if ever, share this clan trademark, most kindred see this as concrete evidence of the Kiasyd's Lasombra parentage. Unlike their parents however, Kiasyd are passive scholars, with a viscously territorial streak. They rarely participate in Sabbat matters, and almost never join war packs.

Unlike the Lasombra , these vampires do not revel in politics, or in their vampire natures. In a world of violence and pain, the Kiasyd have drawn into their massive libraries, and the thirst for knowledge that seems to plague those of the line. Where Setites deal, and the Malkavians tease, the Kiasyd horde, sharing only with fellow Weirdlings, in a massive clan meeting every 50 years. Due to their reclusive nature, and their even odder habit of only allowing two of the line to live in any one city, little is known of the line, and in fact, few vampires of recent creation even know that the Kiasyd exist. Add in the fact that the Kiasyd rarely leave their havens, and you have a line of vampires whose obscurity could rival that of the Baali. The Kiasyd themselves are very loosely organized. Each to their own studies, however morbid or righteous they may be. The clan seems to have no organized goal to their research, but this does not stop the Kiasyd from accumulating information and at times, artifacts, that most Elders would give their hearts to possess. The clan does come together once every 50 years, in Strasbourg, Germany. Sometimes outsiders are invited, but they are expected to act according to the Weirdling's odd codes of conduct. Punishments for breaking the codes (which are all but unknown outside the bloodline) range from snubbing to unbreakable curses.

The Kiasyd, all in all, are hard to find, and even harder to contact. If you see two together, it's more than likely the event of an Elder training her childe, who may stay with the sire for up to 50 years. Due to their recluse natures, meeting one should never be considered coincidence. If you come to converse with one of the Kiasyd, it's because something is needed from you, or because the Kiasyd wants it to be.


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