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The Kiasyd's Place in the World of V:tM

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by: Helix for Sanguinus Curae

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The Kiasyd are not an easy bloodline to play. Plain and simple. Even the Sabbat guide tells you that reading for 300 years does not make for a good storyline.

But the Kiasyd are the absolute best resource for players looking for NPCs in their stories. Kiasyd are noted for their massive occult lore, and more importantly, Vampiric lore. Anyone that stays in their haven for well over half a century and does nothing but read and practice will have a large range of knowledge to draw on, not to mention the very real danger that they've learned disciplines long thought to be extinct. Non Player Character (NPC) Kiasyd will be old. The bloodline does not reproduce rapidly, almost mimicking the picky tastes of the Tremere in the choosing of childer, hence leading to Elder vampires of low generation (6-8) making up a bulk of their ranks. They should have a library of sorts under their control. How they acquired the books and artifacts within that library could be very unsettling, to downright gruesome.

Player Characters should exercise caution when seeking out a Kiasyd. Old vampires are paranoid vampires, and the Kiasyd, due to their discipline of Mytherceria, have a wide range of ways to immobilize and confuse intruders. Couple this with the power that comes with old age, and you have a very formidable NPC for the players to try to win over to their side, or defeat. A Kiasyd that has been convinced to aid players could be very helpful, or annoying. The Wyrdlings have a love of riddles, and more than likely will phrase answers in that form, to confuse, or lead the players to a certain action. Kiasyd who are enemies are dangerous. Their specialty in Dominate, coupled with their normally low Generation make for a very commanding vampire who could easily lead a foe around by the nose. Not to mention a possible wide array of rare high level disciplines that can be used against the players.

But for those few who find themselves attracted to the enigmatic bloodline, there is hope. Kiasyd in their neonate years have a streak of adventure in them. The Wyrdlings do have to accumulate that massive library before they actually start reading and studying it. This can lead to a fledgling Kiasyd joining a group for any number of reasons, mostly to gain something for themselves. PC Kiasyd should not be too interested in the Jyhad. While listed as a Sabbat bloodline (Due to a Lasombra parentage), in truth, they are more independent. Kiasyd are not likely to go thwarting Princes and Archbishops, unless of course there's knowledge to gain from it. PC Kiasyd can also have a streak of a thief in them. Raiding libraries and treasure troves of vampiric artifacts would not be unheard of in a fledgling just out from his sires wing and looking to make a collection of his own.


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