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Kiasyd: The Fae Perspective

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by: Jimbo for Sanguinus Curae

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"Alright Childlings, you listen up. The Duke told me to educate you on the Kiasyd, so that's what I'm going to do. Now sit down, and be quiet while I talk. No, you can't go to the bathroom. What are Kiasyd? Boy, you guys don't know anything, do you? Ok, the Kiasyd are a type of vampires who have special powers related to us, the Fae. They can see into the dreaming, and some can even enter it. They affect glamour and have all manner of weird powers, as well as the usual host of Vampiric Powers. This is from a Discipline they call Mytherceria.

"Where do they get their powers? Well, no one really knows. Some say that it was a ritual involving taking Fae blood and mixing it with their own. Others say that it was just from the eldest Kiasyd drinking too much Fae blood. Personally, I think that it was a gift. Yes, a gift. I think that, long ago, the Fae gave a group of Vampires special power over Glamour and the Dreaming, and now they have chosen to abuse it. However, their origins don't matter. What matters, and what the Duke has asked me to teach you, is what they are now. The Kiasyd are peculiar Vampires. They don't get out much, but when they do, watch out. They have a taste for Fae blood. Some drink only Fae blood. This may be the source of their power, even.

"Sit down, boy!! You look ready to charge off after the whole bloodline yourself. Yes, we Fae are strong, but the Kiasyd have powers all their own. They can burrow into the ground and be unpursuable by us, or can leave even the wisest Fae helplessly stumped for hours on end with their riddles. How do I know? I know from experience, childling, and if you will all sit still long enough, I'll tell you.

"Back when I was a young Wylder... yes, still older than the lot of you... I was a Knight in the service of my Duke. It came to pass that unexplained things started happening to Changelings. They turned up dead, drained of their blood. Worse, it seemed that they hadn't even put up a fight. Obviously, we assumed Vampires, but never like this. Usually, we fight back, you know? So the Duke put me, the local Troll Knight, on the case. I looked around in all the usual vampire places, and finally I found what I was looking for. I saw a vampire attacking a pooka. Yet, all the vampire did was speak, and the pooka just sat, dumbfounded, and let the vampire feed!!

"Obviously, I interceded, and only by the greatest of luck saved the Pooka, only to discover that she wouldn't move!! All she did was think, think, think of the solution to a riddle, for hours before she figured out the answer. It was then that I saw that I was out of my league. I did some research, and educated the Duke on what the Kiasyd are. Vampires with a taste for Fae Blood, that's the short version. Worse, we couldn't get rid of them!! Our arts were no match for their disciplines, not when they had Mytherceria to recognize us on sight!!

"So how did we get rid of them? Hmph. WE didn't. The Sabbat lost control of the area and the Kiasyd left with them. You Childlings take my advice. You see a Kiasyd, you run. You hear of one, you run. A regular vampire, we can take. But the Kiasyd... they know who we are, what we are, and why we are, and they can pick us out of a crowd. Just stay out of their way. End of Lesson. Class Dismissed. Yes, that means you can go to the bathroom now."

-Sir Eric Redson
Troll Grump


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