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Clan Gangrel: A View from Within

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by: Tycho

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archived article from Sanguinus Curae


Evening Pup. Huh? What's that? Yes, this would happen to be a suit. Gucci to be precise. And if you think you're about to tear a new hole in this 'P.O.S' as you so indelicately put it, think again.

Now pick yourself up. Good. First lesson about us Gangrel. We're one of the MOST varied clans out there. We were varied when we were a part of the Camarilla, and we still are. What? You mean that you haven't left them yet? Oh boy... you need my lessons more than you can possibly think.

Come on, sit down. No, I'm not about to cave in your skull if you don't, just do so. I really don't need to crane my neck up at you if I don't have to. Much better. Now, where was I? Ah yes, the lessons. While we're still on lesson One, we Gangrel are definitely varied. You can get the widest range of Gangrel with different... what's that damned word... careers. Oh sure, most of us are connected with the wild outdoors somehow. Operative word 'Somehow'. I personally was a Gigolo, believe it or not.

Alright, laugh it off you bloody hooligan. And yes, that's why I wear this suit. Thing is, I was out in the woods entertaining... shall we say a 'client', when my own Sire happened along, wanting a snack. Probably had some angst over nearly killing me from blood-loss so embraced me. But this isn't about me, it's about the clan.

But getting back to the variety of Gangrel which you have the proud honor of being a part of. We got farmers, hunters, archeologists (and plenty of them, mind you), historians, a few doctors scattered here and there, Knights, Rednecks and sadly enough, the occasional socialite.

But you must understand, we stick together. Sure we travel a lot and all, but when you really get down to it, what's the point of being a loner, then snubbing other people who have seen what you've seen and possibly more?

Lesson Two. There will be a pecking order. I'm not sure how many Allthings you may have... What? You haven't been to one? Very well. An Allthing is a sort of... gathering of all the local Gangrel in the given region. Doesn't matter if it's merely all the Gangrel in a certain forest, state or even a paddock, it's just the same thing when you get down to it. We all get together, discuss certain events, lend a hand to those in need, and maybe brawl a bit.

Now, this brawling may be the stereotype the poncy Camarilla whiners may expect of us, or the Sabbat psychopaths try to pin on us, but it has its own reason and rights. After all, animals in the wild have their own pecking order, especially predators that gather in packs. Take wolves for example. There's the Alpha or Leader male, then the Beta, or second male or female, and so on and so on. When there's no clear... what's that word? Damn, must lay off the stoned hippies... order of rank, we tend to quickly settle who is higher, and move on with business.

Still, we come to the crunch of the matter. What DOES it mean to be Gangrel? Travelers? Vagabonds? Outsiders? Well, those are just general descriptions of us in general. Ask seventy different Cainites, and you'll receive seventy different answers. In general, we do travel a fair bit. But that doesn't mean we can't stick in one place for a while. Yes, not too long ago we were a part of the sycophantic Camarilla, but we left when Xavier announced to them that we were to leave.

Why did I leave? No particular reason. Mainly because we're good at fighting. Sound strange? Not really. Sure, the Brujah are renowned for their ferocity and speed, but we, we are known for our cunning and savagery when the midden heap hits the windmill. Hmmm? Just an old saying, young pup. Now where was I? Ah yes. Still, when one gets tagged with being good with travelling and scrapping around, you'll get manipulated. And that's what the Camarilla has been doing to us for a very, very long time. Don't say this too loudly, but I think that Warlord Karsh has been doing it for so long that he can't bear to part from the Camarilla.

Still, the best term for us is 'survivalists'. Each one of us survives. Somehow or another, each in their own way. We travel because sitting in one spot all the time is just like a sitting duck. Sure, it gives you certain advantages, but there's more advantages to moving around then just sitting around waiting for your enemies to make their move. Trust me on that.


archived article from Sanguinus Curae



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