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Gangrel: Merits and Flaws

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by: Kessai for Sanguinus Curae

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Gangrel are widely known for their durability and adaptability. They are also known for their animal natures and prowess at Protean. The following merits and flaws deal with these aspects of the Gangrel more accurately than those listed in other resources.


Favored of Proteus (7 pt. Merit)

Allows any Gangrel with this merit to alter his Protean discipline in almost any way. For example one might use Homunculus by spitting out animal forms of the Gangrel or she may wish to take the form of a Gurahl instead of a Garou etc. This merit is limited by the storyteller at her discretion.

Juggernaut (5 pt. Merit)

Allows a Gangrel to roll Fortitude and Stamina together to repel aggravated damage. This does not however allow for automatic soaks with stamina versus regular damage. This requires expenditure of one willpower to activate.

Gifts of Frenzy (3 pt. Merit)

Allows a Gangrel to buy one merit appropriate to each new animal feature gained from rage frenzy . An example of this would be, a cat's tail gets you catlike balance.

Familiar eyes (2 pt. Merit)

Allows a Gangrel to adjust not only the color , but the nature of the first level of Protean-Gleam of red eyes. Such as, eagle eyes offer no night vision, but grant acute vision at distance.

Retractable claws (1 pt. Merit)

Allows a Gangrel to hide activated claws. Good for those meetings with the prince.


Forgotten of Proteus (7 pt. Flaw)

You have fallen out of harmony or are simply cursed. You cannot ever possess the discipline of Protean or sense it's use.

Animal Enmity (5 pt. Flaw)

A species of animal refuses to answer to you or fraternize with you in any way. They may even attack you without provocation. Animalism is useless toward these species (i.e., canine, feline, rodent). Even if used by an ally Animalism will not affect their view of you.

Eyes of the Shark (3 pt. Flaw)

No matter how humane you are when others look you in the eye they see you as an eating machine, emotionless and cruel. Whatever your Humanity, it is treated as a three when others make eye contact with you.

Repelled By Amulets (2 pt. Flaw)

Some animistic beliefs revere animals as sacred and create amulets from, or wear their feathers and claws. These amulets repel you the same as if they were crosses. You must make a willpower roll whenever you are in the presence of one or be repelled.


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