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Clan Brujah: A Ventrue's Commentary

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by: Kenneth Jenner for Sanguinus Curae

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Isn't that how you expect us to call the Brujah? Mere malcontents, unable to appreciate or even comprehend the value of organized society? Rebels who call for the fall of whatever social order exists without so much as a plausible alternative? Oh, you hear them wail and moan every now and then about the lost glory of Carthage. How it was the Ventrue that led to the downfall of that model society. But mostly you hear them screaming, rousing the unenlightened masses to rebellion, mouthing catchphrases that stir the blood but lack any semantic content whatsoever.

Isn't that what you expect me to say? In that case, I must disappoint you.

Even the most unfocused of the Brujah exist because they fight against whatever social constraints bind them, bind their much-vaunted freedom. In my view, that is their most useful trait. Within that mass of rabble is a powerful force of change. The Brujah force us to adapt. They keep us honest. It is easy to say that the Brujah run the danger of falling off that edge they so enjoy living on, but it is up to the rest of us to make sure there is an edge for them to teeter upon.

The Brujah are among the most charismatic Kindred you will ever find, which makes them ideal choices for leading a revolution, even if only as figureheads, as long as they are not aware that that is all they are. No one liberates a city from Sabbat rule like the Brujah can. While they enjoy their war victories, the smokescreen of celebration allows us to set up a hierarchy of our choosing unnoticed.

Occasionally, a Brujah whose manipulative skill and vision match her charisma emerges from the rabble. These are the true agents of change, my friends, change that leaves both Kindred and kine breathless in its wake. Watch out for these individuals. These are the self-appointed saviors, the ones that herald the new Carthage, a society where all sentient beings exist in equality, and in complete freedom.

It is so refreshing to find such idealism, unhindered and unconcerned by stark reality. And they go about it with such fervor, such passion that is the Brujah trademark -- and the Brujah weakness. Let them run as far as we require them to, then tighten the leash.

There are so many ways to do just that. A well-timed word easily brings about a frenzy that can tear everything around a Brujah down -- including everything she holds dear.

The Brujah will fight order if they perceive that it brings even the slightest constraint to their freedom. Make sure they are standing on that structure when they tear it down themselves. For nothing frustrates a Brujah more than a failure they think they have brought upon themselves.


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