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Baali: A View From Without

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by: Adamus for Sanguinus Curae

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The Baali. The mere mention of their name sends a shiver down the undead spines of many Kindred. While other clans and bloodlines are feared for their skills in assassination, or in the workings of blood magic, or for the political power they can wield, the Baali are feared universally for a far more unsettling reason: they're pure evil.

No other group of vampires has so totally dedicated itself to evil. Not even the corrupters of Set can hold a candle to the force of darkness that is the Baali. These reclusive and enigmatic vampires have dedicated their existence to the exploration of unholy powers and knowledge. Many rumors are whispered in darkened chambers about these vampiric demons, and truth is indistinct from fiction. They are said to know the True Names of primordial demonic entities and use these to draw powers from them. They are said to serve infernal masters, spreading their lord's particular brand of evil wherever they thread. They are said to originate from the womb of a demonic lord, instead of having been Embraced into Cainite existence. So much speculation, so little facts.

One thing is certain though, a truth above all else: The Baali are evil. Their bloodline's weakness, enhanced sensitivity to holy symbols and manifestations of divine forces, and their signature discipline, a malefic set of powers known as Daimoinon, are testimony to their unholy origins. The Baali are universally hunted, and as a result they tend to pose as other clan's members. Once a Baali is discovered for what it is, a bloodhunt inevitably follows. Not even the dreaded Sabbat tolerates these monsters in their midst.

Yet there continue to rise rumors of Baali involvement in the highest regions of Kindred affairs, and the bloodline seems impossible to eradicate. Whatever plans the Baali might have for the future, it is sure to bode ill for the rest of the world. Only God knows what impulses drive their black souls.


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