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Clan Assamite: A View From Without

by: Adamus A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

The independent Assamite clan has earned its nickname as the clan of Assassins. These fanatics hail from Middle Eastern lands, and they are renown for their skills in combat. Often hired as assassins, bodyguards, or scourges, the Assamites are held in widespread dread. Final Death seems to follow them everywhere they tread.

The Assamite clan is as enigmatic as their favored enemy, the Tremere. Not much is known about the Assassins, yet many rumors are whispered. Their origins are said to lie at a vampire of the Second Generation, not a Third Generation founder as the other clans claim. They are rumored to perform sacred rituals that ensure the loyalty of their members, and more bolder tales of the Assassins' ventures find their ways to the ears of many eager listeners.

In nights past the Assamites were of such fanatical degree in their pursuit of assassinations and the subsequent Diablerization of their victims, that the Camarilla sect rose as one to defy them. A great Curse was placed on the clan's blood by the Tremere warlocks, rendering the Assamites incapable of consuming vampiric vitae. This Curse ensured the Assassins' place as useful, but relatively impotent, pawns. The clan obeys a sacred code of honor, and thus combined with the Curse the clan's members were often safely employed in a variety of duties, assassination the most common task assigned to them. One was never wise to invoke the clan's wrath, though. An Assamite angered is as lethal as a sunbath at high noon.

However, not the entire clan succumbed to the Tremere's Curse. A group of Assamites refused to bow down to the might of the Camarilla, and chose to join the fledgling Sabbat sect. Since then the Assamite Antitribu have played an important role in the rise of the Sabbat, as their unsurpassed skill in combat proved a valuable asset to the Sword of Caine.

In recent nights the Assamite clan seems to be undergoing drastic changes. Their old codes of honor are often discarded, and the clan's members no longer need a sanctioned contract of assassination to end the unlives of a vampire. More disturbing rumors are told, that the clan has managed to break their blood Curse, and are once again on a crusade of Diablerie. If such rumors hold truth, the Saracen Assassins may pose a significant threat to the continued existence of the Camarilla sect, and the Tremere clan in particular. Vengeance holds a sacred position in Assamite ideology, and the clan has many reasons to avenge themselves on the Warlocks.

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