The Book of Nod:
More Words of the Clan Chiefs

Article by: Xavier Lev-Argonne,
A legacy article from Sanguinus Curae, hosted at:

The Words of Lasombra to his Childer
Know you this, my progeny,
that tendril of shadow shall trail behind us wherever we go.
Know you this, my progeny,
that our vanity shall show forever in the looking glass.
Know you this, my progeny,
that our land is forever the land of darkness.
Know that when the time comes,
darkness shall consume my soul, as it will one day consume yours.
Listen well, my sons, my daughters! Let not yourselves be consumed by our
own darkness!
Know and remember that our place
is a place of shadows, from where we shall forever dwell, watching.
Made we were to watch from the shadows,
our purpose, and so we shall.
Know that forever, I will watch you
from the shadows, through eyes not my own,
and will one day find my way
into a fleshly home anew,
and will walk amongst you once more.

The Words of Tzimisce to his Childer
Forever are we Damned.
Damned by Caine, Damned by the One Above,
It matters not what we do,
It matters not what we say,
For we shall forever be Damned.
Forever are you Damned.
Damned by Caine, Damned by the One Above,
and Damned by myself.
Forever shall you be Damned.
Damned we are for eternity.
Waste not your time here with repentance.
We are monsters, we shall forever be monsters.
Be shamed not of your monstrosity!
Revel in your accursed selves!
But be warned, make not the mistake I did.
In due time, I will fall, and one of you
shall replace me.
Be Damned. Do not let your being Damned
control you.

Assam's Words to his Childer
In power do I dwell! Join me!
From power do I drink! Join me!
With power do I live! Join me!
Eat the heart's blood of the unworthy,
so that you may join me in my power.
Take the life from the undeserving,
and drink deep the blood of power.
Find my childer when one pace are you
removed from myself.
Find ur-Shulgi, show him the potency
of your Blood,
and he shall take you to the One.
Join me!
Drink deep the heart's blood, as did I.

The Words of Set to his Childer
Snakes. We are snakes.
Corrupt others, for that is how the snake
tempted Adam and Even into leaving Eden,
which led to Caine's birth,
which led to my birth.
From corruption comes good things,
good things for you.
Corrupt others so that you may
take those good things,
and corrupt yourself.
Corrupt yourself, so good things
may pass onto others.
Be corrupt, and take pleasure
in the good things that come from it.
And pass those good things on,
as I have passed on mine to you.

The Gathering

Article by: Lord Vladimir Von Tenebron,
A legacy article from Sanguinus Curae, hosted at:

Many Clans have words from their Founders in the book of Nod. Not so for those of Clan Baali. The words of their Immortal leader are to remain in the minds of Kindred for all eternity, serving as a reminder that Darkness lingers always on the horizon and none are safe.

"My childer
Long we have been the downtrodden
The miserable
The outcast
And the shunned.
Treated more as leper
Than as the Kings we are.
Remember always Moloch
Whose blood flows through
Thine veins.
Remember Namtaru
Demon lord of Plague.
Remember the Children of Darkness
For this world is more theirs
Than even we know.
Finally, remember the Great Lord
For he shall grant you power.

Saulot Prophecies: The Green Palace Inscriptions

Article by: Andy Law,
A legacy article from Sanguinus Curae, hosted at:

The first is fairly standard: a prophecy taken from the East and attributed to Saulot. Due to the nature of translation, the rhythm is pretty much non-existent.

These are the prophecies of Zao-lat
These are the words that speak
Gather you the prophecy of those that seek
Gather you the words of he who sees
Heed the prophecies for the end comes
Heed the words for a meaning can break

There are wheels within wheels
Ancient plots hatch to new mysteries
The Great Cycle of Being brings forth the Age of Sorrow
The Twelve Spokes of Time buckle
The Twelve Ages may crumble
Beneath the weight of The One Thousand Hells

The Fifth Age arises
The Great Drowning and the Conquest
All will be laid low
The August Five will split
Cast asunder by the Great Western Families
With its marriages of tormented blood

The Son of Heaven will ride from the North
He will conquer with Earth, Fire and Water
Courts will fall and an Age will turn
A storm will come to the Yin Realms
The Wall will shake and the wind will howl
A Court will turn from the Light of Heaven

The Breath of Heavens will drown the Northern Warriors
A great Ancestor will fall to the Kings of Hell
Then the Pale Man will come
He will walk conquered cities
He will bring strange Gods
Then a mountain shall rise from the tomb of the First Emperor

When the Great Dragon awakens in the North
The Beast Courts will make peace with the Dead
The eldest Bodhisattva will be laid to rest
A mortal kingdom will fall to the Yomi Wan
A desperate Lord will throw his armies against a superior foe
The Lord will die
Then the Sire will lose the Mandate of Heaven
With ten years of pestilence and drought
Then will come the Fifth Age
As the cast out Bureaucrats of Heaven
Form the Sixth Court
Join the others

The Fifth Age of Darkness
The Wan Kuei are wretched indeed
Driven to madness by the P'o
Forced to reanimate the corpse
Compelled to steal the breath
Constrained to forget the duty

Look to the Scarlet Queen and the Ebon Dragon
Na Kua who created, Izanami who birthed
She of the fire, emotion and ecstasy
Hun Dun who watched, Hwan-ung who quested
He of study, reflection and ritual
The Wan Kuei, children of the Dragon and the Queen

Look to Lilith and Caine
She who created, she who birthed
He who watched, he who quested
Ten Thousand Demons
Ten Thousand Hells
The Teachings of Xue

The Sixth Age of Sorrow
Mark the Chih-mei with control
Mark the Running-Monkeys who rule
Mark the Dragon that rises
Mark the Wall that falls
Mark the honourless Shadow War

The Prophecies of Set

Article by: Andy Law,
A legacy article from Sanguinus Curae, hosted at:

This is fairly standard: a prophecy taken from the mouth of a Setite Elder.

Let the Serpent and the Rat embrace,
But not be harmed.
Let the Children of the wastes,
In all of their squalor and decrepitude,
Build castles and villages
For Serpents and Rats.
And let them build these in the West,
Where they will be a joyful sight unto me.
Let the fruit grow rotten,
And let the Aeons fight their own
To taste its blackened juice.
For liberty will be their name,
Yet tyranny will be their goal.

For with these signs shall you know the Aeons,
And you shall know those of the primeval waters.
For the wise will look to Apophis' ascension
And they will see Amon's fire turn all to ash.
Let Isis fall unto the shadow.
Let Bast and Sekhmet fall and rise again.
Let the web of Mont
Fail to release the fire he holds within.
Let the wise prepare for the treachery of Geb,
Who swims long in the water and plucks of the fruit.
You shall know me by my prophesy.
You shall be the Children of Rebellion.
You shall know me my children when Ptah falls.

The Set Prophesies, The Book of Set
As spoken by Hierophant Wepwawet, circa 33 CE
Transcribed by Djet Sopdet Snefi, circa 135 CE