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The Prophecies of Set



by: Andy Law

A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae



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This is fairly standard: a prophecy taken from the mouth of a Setite Elder.

Let the Serpent and the Rat embrace,
But not be harmed.
Let the Children of the wastes,
In all of their squalor and decrepitude,
Build castles and villages
For Serpents and Rats.
And let them build these in the West,
Where they will be a joyful sight unto me.
Let the fruit grow rotten,
And let the Aeons fight their own
To taste its blackened juice.
For liberty will be their name,
Yet tyranny will be their goal.

For with these signs shall you know the Aeons,
And you shall know those of the primeval waters.
For the wise will look to Apophis' ascension
And they will see Amon's fire turn all to ash.
Let Isis fall unto the shadow.
Let Bast and Sekhmet fall and rise again.
Let the web of Mont
Fail to release the fire he holds within.
Let the wise prepare for the treachery of Geb,
Who swims long in the water and plucks of the fruit.
You shall know me by my prophesy.
You shall be the Children of Rebellion.
You shall know me my children when Ptah falls.

The Set Prophesies, The Book of Set
As spoken by Hierophant Wepwawet, circa 33 CE
Transcribed by Djet Sopdet Snefi, circa 135 CE

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