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The Gathering

by: Lord Vladimir Von Tenebron A Legacy Article from Sanguinus Curae

Many Clans have words from their Founders in the book of Nod. Not so for those of Clan Baali. The words of their Immortal leader are to remain in the minds of Kindred for all eternity, serving as a reminder that Darkness lingers always on the horizon and none are safe.

"My childer
Long we have been the downtrodden
The miserable
The outcast
And the shunned.
Treated more as leper
Than as the Kings we are.
Remember always Moloch
Whose blood flows through
Thine veins.
Remember Namtaru
Demon lord of Plague.
Remember the Children of Darkness
For this world is more theirs
Than even we know.
Finally, remember the Great Lord
For he shall grant you power.

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