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Bound in Dreams: Sample Freehold

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Download: blank freehold worksheet in PDF
Download: editable freehold worksheet, courtesy of Nin

Freehold name:  The Moros Lodge Population: Members: 36     Temp: 5
Inception: 03/03/1991  Dissolution: 07/05/2008  Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Pride
Symbol(s) and Colors: A stylized, halfway closed eye in black ink; color was black
Rulers: Gathering Days:
- Winter: Old Jenn, The Lidless Eye - March and September equinoxes
- Spring: Dionysus, High Lord of Pleasure - June and December solstices
- Summer: Dave the Bloodshield - A random day each month
- Autumn: Mae, Queen of Secrets  
Courts and Court Aspects: Winter – The Moros Winter Court was in the business of hiding in plain sight. The Court supported spies and front businesses, and worked with Autumn often before the Autumn Queen married the Summer King.
Spring – The Moros Spring Court started out with a focus on beauty but became the Court of Decadence with the rise of Dionysus in 2004. The Court soon arranged for all of the drugs and sex the freehold could want. Spring’s ties to Winter were only reinforced when Autumn and Summer joined forces.
The Summer King was in favor of a tight and organized defense. He arranged squads to guard specific areas and was very careful with offensive operations. Upon marrying the Autumn Queen, the Summer King drew his Court into covert operations.
The Moros Autumn Court was focused on studying the supernatural, and not just things of the fae. Other supernaturals were of great interest but were watched only with great caution. The Court kept and dealt in secrets of all kinds, as well.
Entitlements: [To be determined]  
Member Services: Temporary Services:
- Fake I.D.s, other papers - Information on the world
- Research - Fetch lookup
- Jack Ketch - Place to stay (about a month)
  - Cash (normally $1,000)
Freehold Pledge: I swear to protect and defend the freehold and its members from the Fae and their allies. I promise never to aid those enemies. Fealty (-3), Vassalage (+3), Banishment (-3), Year and a Day (+3)
Freehold Benefit: +1 to conceal fae nature from others.
Freehold Commons Type:     Mortal:            Hedge:          Mortal and Hedge: X
Freehold Commons Location: The Motor Lodge, a 1960s motel in Chicago.
Freehold Reputation: The Moros freehold was known to be standoffish to other freeholds after an attempted coup of the Winter Court rulership in ____. They would extend help to emergencies in Chicago and that was it. The Liaison to Freeholds position was withdrawn in ____ and was not renewed. Their attitude was that they had enough to do holding their own in the city, without asking for more trouble from freeholds outside their control.
Freehold Income: The freehold drew regular cash from prostitution, drugs, and other activities staged at the motel.
Freehold cover story: The freehold motel was open 24 hours, and the old club room was rented out for various events, from reunions to local bookclubs and therapy groups.
Nearest Freeholds:  

Freehold secondary positions:

Event planner/seneschal: rotating
Tax collector: static
Security: rotating
Liaison (goblins): static
Liaison (mortals, usually law): static
Liaison (internal): rotating

Provisioner: rotating
Pledgemaster: static
Hacker: static
Smith: static
Clean up crew: rotating
Horticulturalist: static
Counselor: static
Assassin: rotating
Occultist/seer: rotating

Freehold names are a pain in the ass to come up with for some reason.  The book suggests that changelings stay away from names associated with myths but I couldn't help myself.  The Moros Lodge could easily be mistaken for the Motor Lodge, and vice versa.  [Go back]

Population is an interesting thing to consider.  At any given time, a freehold will have established members who've taken the pledge and, depending on the location, it is likely there will be temporary visitors.  Those visitors might be fresh out of Arcadia or changelings who have come from elsewhere seeking a new place to stay.  [Go back]

Inception/Dissolution dates can tell you a lot about a freehold.  This one, for example, was born after the hubbub of the 1980s died down but a couple of years before a war amongst the local vampires.  The freehold managed to survive all of that and thus its Virtue became Fortitude.  It had the Vice of Pride all along, however, and that only became more pronounced with time.  [Go back]

Virtue and Vice can be great ways of defining a freehold.  For those who remember the oWoD, Nature and Demeanor might also be helpful; a freehold is often quite different than the face it presents to the public.  [Go back]

Symbols and colors are just details that enrich the experience, although they could be very deeply entwined with a freehold's history.  [Go back]

Not all freeholds have four rulers, but it is always important to know who the primary rulers are.  [Go back]

For home base freeholds, it's important for the characters to know when there are organized gatherings where people can see and be seen.  [Go back]

Not all freeholds are ruled by the Great Seasonal Courts, and not all Seasonal Courts focus on the same aspects.  A Summer Court could be boiling over with wrath and out of control plots, while another could be mobilizing to protect the mortals of a  given neighborhood.  [Go back]

Player characters could be interested in various entitlements, particularly if characters get to see them in action in the freehold.  Since there are so many, it can be helpful to know which of them are local.  [Go back]

Freeholds do more for their members, but temporary visitors can expect some aid.  [Go back]

The wording of the freehold pledge can get very fancy, including all kinds of extra clauses, but this one is basic.  The freehold benefit granted to all who take the pledge is likewise simple, and taken from an example in the core book.  [Go back]

The commons is the main gathering place of the freehold, open to all members in good standing and the main location to receive visitors.  Since changelings can move between the real world and the Hedge, and since they can have hollows, it is good to put some thought into these details.  Some freeholds are held in buildings that members own, while others are nomadic or held in rented spaces.  There are benefits and downsides to every option.  The Moros Lodge chose the motel on purpose - it had plenty of rooms and decent facilities, and it had some hollows associated with the location in the Hedge.  Although different mortal events were held in the motel club room, some changelings did get in trouble when they were seen heading into a motel by suspicious husbands or wives.  [Go back]

The freehold reputation can vary, but an overall idea of how the group is received by nearby freeholds might not be bad.  New freeholds probably won't have much experience with changelings outside the area, or not enough to have gained a reputation.  Freeholds don't always remain isolated, however.  [Go back]

Freehold secondary positions will vary by freehold, sometimes wildly.  These are positions that changelings hold in service of the freehold, and not just in service of their courts.  Some jobs will rotate staff when the power structure shifts; the Summer King will likely want his own security, for instance, but there are only so many good changeling lawyers to go around.   [Go back]

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