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The big news today is that I've uploaded my huge revamp of oneiromancy (now called oneironautics), which covers dreamwork for changelings and other supernaturals. I've also updated my goblin fruit guide's rules while I was working on its layout. If you use any of the rules I've made, I would love to hear how they worked out for you.

I've also been adding to the art I share here and working on clear, consistent attributions. The art pieces here are for inspiration. They remind me of World of Darkness concepts, but they aren't made for this site and they don't have anything to do with the WoD (unless otherwise stated). Some artists are generous enough to give permission for others to share some of their works, and I hope that if you have a gaming project, you'll consider sending some work their way.


You may have noticed that my old fonts pages have been MIA lately. Never fear! I have updated them for the modern era and they are available again for your viewing pleasure.


I recently revised and expanded my article on What to Do With Changeling: the Lost, since I've heard many people struggle to wrap their minds around how the game is supposed to be set up and played.


In addition to site tweaks, I've added an article I wrote for fun not too long ago and then promptly forgot to post: The Ketch's Guide to Fetches. It's an in-character overview of fetches from the point of view of an experienced Jack Ketch (a changeling who hunts them). He sets up common personality archetypes, reviews motivations and red flags, and discusses his opinions on the process of deciding how much danger a fetch really poses. There are also Storyteller notes about sources of inspiration and some new fetch mechanics. I know it doesn't cover everything and no one asked me for it, but I learned a lot from writing it. I hope it's fun to read and may be of use to someone. I may add to it later, if more occurs to me. Although I have very little free time or extra energy lately, it's been soothing to think of gaming matters and work on this site.


The sitewide update continues slowly due to work demands, but it has spread through many of the files here. I will continue to add different art pieces, as well, thanks to artists who allow them to be reposted with credit. I'm very grateful for all of them!

I am happy to report that a number of articles have been made available via formatted Google docs and sheets, which should make them easier for you to use and refer to! Eventually, everything here will be in that format, and PDFs will be things of the past.

I discovered an embarrassing number of errors in my old WoD location worksheets, so I fixed them up.

I finally finished setting up my freehold creation worksheets, a project which had languished for far too long. I overhauled the page which gives advice about starting new freeholds, as well.


The update continues, slowly but surely! I have also been updating Google sheets so they are consistent and easy to navigate. I've fixed a few broken links that I've found while sorting through the mess.

While updating, I realized that I needed to rewrite a good chunk of my revamped Followers of Set, so the latest version is available now.

I have also posted The Plague, which rounds out the trio of the main three vampire sects we developed to use in our games at home.


This site has been woefully out of date, scraping by with sporadic updates and no major changes, for too long. I have started the process of updating the entire thing so that it is more mobile-friendly. I will be converting many offerings here into Google docs and sheets so you can download them and adjust them easily, according to your needs. Unlike a number of people who are out of work at this time, I am still in the saddle at my day jobs, so it will take some time to complete everything I have planned for this site. Please be patient, and hopefully, the results will speak for themselves.

In the meantime, I have added the writeup for a vampire sect I call the Curia and developed with my now-husband; along with the revamped Setites and a sect that will be posted soon (the Plague), these are what we use when we run our very homebrewed WoD games.


We've just finished Black Spot / Zone Blanche on Netflix, and I was so inspired that I have to talk about it. Since it's such a great example of a World of Darkness-style setting, I've done up a full location worksheet about it, based on my worksheets for game settings and writing projects. There are no major spoilers because I hope you'll check out the show for yourself!


Has it really been nearly 3 years since I've posted to this website? It hardly seems possible - but given how crazy Real LifeTM has been, it's understandable. I hope to offer a lot more soon. For now, I have updated my article on goblin markets. I now have 2 generators, one for markets and one for merchants, and a discussion of how to figure out costs.


I have added a Changeling based short story called Useful Things. It showcases a few rarities. First, it's the story of an elderly man near the end of his life, not exactly the target you would expect for the fae. The man is based on my grandfather and this story is my way of dealing with the way in which he died, so it is also rare in that it has a more direct and strong personal component for me.

It also involves a Keeper that doesn't seek to torment or trick his charges into service. Instead, he sends his representatives to find those who might want to work for him in factories that produce goods from people's dreams. Terms and conditions apply, of course, but the choice to go and stay is up to the employee, and the Smiling Gray Man follows every agreement to the letter. This is an example of a different kind of True Fae than the ones the books rely upon the most. He is the creation of my partner in crime, Nate, and used with his kind permission.


 As a part of completely revamping the Followers of Set for our games, I have rewritten them as a Covenant that could work for Masquerade or Requiem. I have been meaning to do this for a long time and was aided by my partner, Nate. I also reworked the basic overview on sects in both games. I hope you enjoy it!


 With permission, I have linked to a wonderful Google doc that's been put together by a Changeling Storyteller as a guide to running games set in Detroit. It's beautifully organized and has a lot of meat on its bones, so check it out!


 After considerable effort, I've finished my revamp of kiths and their powers. I hope they will be of use to anyone who's looking to balance them or to have more options for character building. If you do use them, please feel free to let me know.


 I've added rules that I've worked on for drugs in the World of Darkness. They cover intoxicants from alcohol to heroin, do not follow the core setup, and might get more mechanical than some will care for, but can be of interest to folks who are looking for more options.


 I've recently revamped my Location Worksheet from the ground up and in different formats. With any luck, it's what I need for now and it'll be useful to others.


 After many years, I returned to an old outline I had and finished an article to help people run and play Changeling. If you've ever wondered or heard people ask, "But what do changelings do?" or if you're having trouble figuring out what to do next, my new article is for you.


 I've finally finished fiddling with my redesign of Changeling Seeming blessings and curses, so I've put them up on their own brand-new page. I also added a new Seeming I've been hoping to finish, the Automata. Check it out!


 I've added more links to my World of Darkness links page, namely sites that I've used for research. I also fixed a few links on other pages and will be working on things behind the scenes here, so stay tuned.


 Yet more work has been done on my goblin fruit guide since I wanted to clarify some things about examining goblin fruit and I wanted to add some tables you can use to roll up goblin fruit in your game. If you just need to come up with something right away and you want some inspiration or guidance, you can now grab a d10 and spend a minute or two rolling up a new kind of fruit. Stick a name on it when you're done and voila!


 After a kind, inquisitive email from a reader, I looked the goblin fruit guide I came up with for Changeling and decided that it could use some expanding. It now offers more guidance for player characters who want to find, harvest, and grow goblin fruits and a brand new section on how to create your own goblin fruit in an organized way. Please feel free to let me know what you think of it!


 Surprise, surprise! I received an email today from a reader asking about the web graphics that Sanguinus Curae used to offer for themed character sheets. It turned out that I had them all along but hadn't realized that they hadn't been added to the archive. They are now all available to view and for download. Keep in mind that they were created many years ago when web standards were different and when screen resolution sizes were much smaller. They are easily able to be altered, however. Part of me wishes I had the time to update the graphics so they're more generic and able to be used for new WoD sites, but right now I just don't.

 What I do have time to update today is the basic navigation of this site. Everything is still here but has been consolidated in the hopes that the whole site will be easier to figure out. If you have any feedback, as always feel free to send it to me through the email link at the bottom of each page.