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Once upon a time in the late 90s and early 2000s, White Wolf used dozens of distinctive font faces in their books. Some of us would scour free font web sites, hoping to identify which fonts had been used for various purposes. Sometimes, someone from the company would mention a font that had been used for a particular purpose; very often, fans just hunted until they found the right one and shared the information with each other. And it could be a hunt back then to find the sites that had the fonts you needed for your homemade character sheets, game handouts, web sites, and projects. Eventually, Mr. Gone was so good as to arrange mega bundles for download, while also identifying the various purposes of the fonts.

But it's been a long time since those days. Now, the fonts aren't hard to find with a Google search. Mr. Gone's bundles are up and available, separated by game line. The Storyteller's Vault also offers templates for all of the game lines, and the fonts required are packaged with the them. The template descriptions on the Vault don't tell you wish fonts are packaged in them or show you what was used for which purpose; you have to download them, unpack everything, and review the templates for that.

So I have repurposed this older page on my site to show you which fonts were used for major titles and such. There are links to a few different free font web sites where you can download them. I have not had it in me to download all of the templates and figure out which are packaged in the many different template offerings. Some fonts were re-used in different games, and this is just a small sample of the amazing variety of fonts that have been employed over the decades across the World of Darkness. Still, they are viewable, free, and downloadable.

The fonts on this page are arranged by alphabetical order.  Many of the fonts here were used in Vampire: the Masquerade, second and third edition.  The fonts in green were used in Kindred of the East products, and the fonts in purple were used in Dark Ages products.  Some fonts, like DeRoos and Clairvaux, have shown up all over the place.

I do not own any of the fonts below and did not create them, and I intend no infringement on anyone's rights. I could not find Runchuu anywhere, so I link to the KotE template that has them on the Storyteller's Vault. I got permission many years ago from the late, great LdyMox to offer her WoD dingbat fonts, and I will continue to offer them here in her memory. RIP LdyMox; you are missed.

Sample of WoD Use

Name & Link

sample abbess font

Abbess TTF


Akira TTF

sample aladdin font

Aladdin TTF / Arabian TTF

sample bergell font

Bergell TTF

Cabaletta TTF

sample castellar font

Castellar TTF

sample clairvaux font

Clairvaux TTF

sample decca display font

Decca Display SSK TTF

sample lenarin font

Delavan TTF

sample deroos font

DeRoos TTF

sample dolphian font

Dolphian TTF

Fiorne TTF

sample goudy lombardic font

Goudy Text MT Lombardic Capital TTF


KendoInitials TTF (initials only)

sample lazar font

Lazar TTF

sample lilith font

Lilith TTF

sample lithograph font

Lithograph TTF

sample malkavian font

Malkavian TTF

Mistral TTF

Mordred TTF

sample percolator font

Percolator TTF

sample perry gothic font

Perry Gothic TTF

Runchuu TTF

sample sand font

Sand TTF

sample stucco font

Stucco 555 TTF

sample unicorn font

TM Unicorn TTF

Treefrog TTF

sample viata script font

Viata Script SSi TTF

sample vivienne font

Vivienne TTF

sample balthazar font

Werewolf TTF / Balthazar TTF

sample wilhelm klingspor font

Wilhelm Klingspor TTF

sample wod 1 font

WoD 1 TTF by Lady Mox
(Symbol explanation file included)

sample wod 2 font

WoD 2 TTF by Lady Mox
(Symbol explanation file included)

sample wod 3 font

WoD 3 TTF by Lady Mox
(Symbol explanation file included)

sample ww vampire dingbats font

WW Vampire Dingbats TTF

sample ww vampire sigils font

WW Vampire Sigils TTF



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