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Vampire Disciplines

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One of the major things that sets vampires apart from others is their ability to develop special, magic-like powers, called disciplines. Disciplines are unique to Cainites, though no one knows exactly why. Disciplines are arranged in levels, on a scale from one to ten, with first level powers being small and tenth level powers being the most powerful. Only vampires with lower generations can learn disciplines of sixth level or higher; high generation vampires just don't have enough power in their blood to do so. Each clan specializes in three disciplines (called clan disciplines) - it is easier for them to learn these three disciplines than all of the others and they don't usually need a teacher.

Some disciplines are more common than others - the Toreador and Brujah both have Presence as a clan discipline, while the Tzimisce and Gangrel share Animalism - but some clans have unique abilities. The Tzimisce might have Animalism and Auspex in common with other clans, but they developed Vicissitude on their own. Some clans are more willing to share their unique disciplines than others; some clans will seek to kill outsiders who learn and use their powers. The Tremere are notable for this. They consider Thaumaturgy to be theirs and theirs alone, and they will try to get rid of other vampires who use blood magic.

While mages, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures can learn extraordinary powers, they each develop their own kind of magic. When vampires feed mortals their blood and create ghouls, their ghouls automatically develop the first level of Potence and can learn other disciplines, though it is more difficult for them than for the Kindred.

For quick summaries of official disiplines, see Vampire Disciplines in Brief.


Sanguinus Curae Disiplines




Animalism Revised

Spirit Sight (L6)

Celerity-Assisted Movement

Manipulate the Offspring (L6)

Verbatim (L6)

Optional Damage Rules


Stratagem (L7)

Teleport (L7)


Karmic Transference (L8)



Dark Thaumaturgy


Hell's Display (L7)

Craft the Dark Altar

Dyslexic Reality (L6)


Path of Madness





Chemical Alteration (L6)

Tensile Resilience (L8)

Banshee Wail (L7)




A Tzimisce's View on Necromancy

Strip (L6)

Detox (L4)

Necromancy: A'aru Path


Regenerate (L7)

Necromancy: Midnight Path



Necromancy: Path of the Crumbling Avatar



New Necromancy Rituals






Silence (L3)

Non-combat Obtenebration

Cling (L6)

Deceive the Machine (L6)

Tactics in Shade

Heartfelt Applause (L6)


Abyssal Communion Ritual

Springheel (L6)


Forge of Darkness (L4)



Shadow Reaver (L4)



Shadow Armor (L6)





Empathic Projection (L6)

Ride the Wave (L4)

Quell the Lingering Soul (L7)

Emperor's New Clothes (L6)

Walk on the Wild Side


Entrancement Revisited






Link (L6)

Komodo's Bite (L6)

Grave Nasties (L7)



Rot (L6)


Thaumaturgy Rituals


Astrometric Thaumaturgy (Path)

Cone of Silence (Ritual)

Bloodbath (L6)

Ex Inferis (Path)

Damn Thy Eyes (Ritual)

Sanguine Flame (L7)

High Thaumaturgy (Paths)

Flame-Sealed Letter (Ritual)


Movement of the Mind

Frigus Incendium (Ritual)


Panacea (Path)

Heathens Gate (Ritual)


Path of Newton's Epiphany

New Thaumaturgy Rituals 1


Path of Prime

New Thaumaturgy Rituals 2


Path of Salvation



Path of the Desert Sand



Path of the Incubus



Path of the Slave



The Sun's Caress (Path)



Voice of the Prophet (Path)






Physick And Combat Surgery

Wing Flutter (L6)


Combination Disciplines

Combination Discipline Strategies
Several combination discipline powers

Combination Disciplines II
Several more combination discipline powers

Animalism Rituals
Combination discipline power utilizing Protean and the revised version of Animalism

Annihilating the Fall
Combination discipline power utilizing Potence and Fortitude

Avoidance of Alternation
Combination discipline power utilizing Vicissitude and Fortitude

Commute the Remnant Spirit
Combination discipline power utilizing Auspex, Dominate, and Presence

Exerting the Shadows Will
Combination discipline power utilizing Obtenebration and Dominate

Glimpse into the Past
Combination discipline power utilizing Temporis and Auspex

Rhythm of the Altered Flesh
Combination discipline power utilizing Vicissitude and Auspex

Sense of Shadows
Combination discipline power utilizing Obtenebration and Auspex

Sex & Death
Combination discipline power utilizing Potence and Necromancy

Shadow Spike
Combination discipline power utilizing Obtenebration and Fortitude

Supernatural Enhancements
Several combination discipline powers using Vicissitude to achieve bodily enhancements

Supplant the Flesh's Soul
Combination discipline power utilizing Vicissitude and Auspex

The Beast in Mind
Combination discipline power utilizing Animalism and Auspex

Two Become One
Combination discipline power utilizing Sanguinus and Vicissitude



New Disciplines

The manipulation of living materials right down to DNA

The Infernal discipline of the Abishai clan

A Caitiff discipline based on the social prowess of popular fiction vampires

Gangrel Runic Sorcery
The ancient rune magic of the viking Gangrel

The ability to command light, possessed by the Disciples of Horus

The power of psychometry expanded and enhanced

A constant-effect discipline that augments dexterity

The ability to become one with and control a computer or network

A discipline of self-healing, developed by a Pander

The gift of teleportation and speedy travel

Sidhe Misterium
The gift of second sight and conjuration

A discipline concerned with increased speed

The Thaumaturgy-like discipline of the Missionariat Bloodline

The discipline that proves that looks can kill

The water-based discipline of the Children of Aquarius Bloodline

The power to control, enhance, transfer or obliterate memories

Vamping Out
An Inceptor discipline affecting physical capabilities

A Caitiff discipline based on the physical prowess of popular fiction vampires


Discipline Expansions for Malkavians
Applications and expansions of certain specific disciplines as pertaining to the Malkavian Clan

A variant discipline power applicable to Auspex, Chimerstry, Dementation, Dominate, or Obfuscate



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