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"Virtue is more persecuted by the wicked than loved by the good."
--Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote


Description: In the modern era, there are seven Salubri in existence at any given time and they are hunted fiercely whenever they are uncovered. Many vampires only hear what the Tremere want them to hear: that the Salubri are evil, that they suck your soul and your power as well. This relentless smear campaign began in the Dark Ages and has continued to this night, based on the premise that if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, people will believe it. And the Tremere's efforts have worked, for the most part. The Salubri once had numbers and respect - and they had a clan founder who was revered as something of a saint. Now, they have nothing except the desire to survive just long enough to overcome their dark natures and to teach the next generation how to do the same.

It has been said that Saulot, the Salubri Antediluvian, was the first to discover the mystical state of being known as Golconda. He taught his childer how to attain the same state, and they passed that knowledge down through the line. He also taught his clan the ways of healing through Obeah. While the Salubri were never as numerous as some clans, they once had sufficient numbers and could be found without too much effort, often ministering to others. Many other clans held them in high esteem if not for their dedication to healing then for their tradition of seeking - and often finding - Golconda, which is no mean feat.  Since their fall, the Salubri have clung to their traditions: they continue to provide healing when they can and they make Golconda a major driving goal.

Once a Salubri has attained Golconda, they find someone to Embrace and teach them the clan's ways. Then, they force their childe to diablerize them. Not only does this benefit the childe, who will need all of the benefits they can get, but the Salubri also believe that this benefits the sire. Once Golconda has been achieved, the sire is ready to die and pass out of the horrors of the world and into a greater peace. This is not to say that the Salubri encourage diablerie in general; they believe that a vampire who dies outside of Golconda will never be able to move on, a horrible fate indeed. But when the proper conditions have been met and it is the right time, the Salubri find no shame or blame in strengthening their childer with the blood of their sires. This helps to explain why their numbers remain fairly constant and why Salubri tend to be of lower generation than most vampires.

Allegiances: The modern Camarilla is heavily influenced by the Tremere so the Salubri are not safe within it; princes may be convinced to call Blood Hunts when Salubri are rumored to be in the area. The Sabbat, on the other hand, is so radically violent and focused on the thrill of the moment that the Salubri want no part of the sect. The True Black Hand has no interest in a defeated clan, but the Anarchs might accept a Salubri among them.  It is interesting to note that the Salubri often find allies in clans or individuals rather than sects. The Tzimisce, for example, will often aid a Salubri because of their old, bitter feud with the Tremere. Gangrel might be inclined to help the generally nomadic Salubri, as well. Individual vampires decide to help for any number of reasons: the old stories they've heard of the Salubri's power and goodness, a desire to exchange information, a hatred of the Tremere in general or even just the Tremere of a particular city.

Founder: Legends say that Saulot was Caine's most favored grandchilde, a man gifted with widsom, healing, and prophecy. He carefully chose and groomed his childer but he never Embraced many. Saulot was reknown for his gentleness and his quest for enlightenment, and on his quest he gained the distinction of being one of the few Kindred to travel extensively in Asia. Despite his ties to his clan, it is generally accepted that Saulot traveled alone, so none of his childer knew what happened to him while he was away. When he came back from his journey abroad, Saulot was markedly different: he had developed a third eye and distinct new powers. Sometime during the first century A.D. Saulot went into seclusion, probably retiring into torpor, and there he stayed unmolested for centuries - until the Tremere tracked him down. The Tremere had experimented on several vampires and made a potion, which they used to effectively Embrace themselves. The blood they had, however, was not powerful enough for their liking, so they undertook great efforts to find an Antediluvian slumbering somewhere. They found Saulot and ascertained that he would be the easiest Antediluvian to attack, so Tremere himself and his Circle of Seven made their way to Saulot. Most tales say that Saulot opened his eyes as his blood was being drained but that he did not fight back; even the Salubri accept this. It is through Saulot that Tremere became a member of the Third Generation; after that, the Tremere went about hunting and discrediting Saulot's clan.

Weakness: The Salubri take damage when they feed off of resisting mortals; they can only feed safely when they know that the target is calm. More importantly, Salubri must follow the road to Golconda or suffer major consequences.

Disciplines: Auspex, Fortitude, Obeah


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